zOMGies Instructions

zOMGies is controlled by using the keyboard and the mouse. The arrow keys (or WASD keys) are used to move. The mouse is used to aim and to shoot. The R key is used to reload. The spacebar or numerical keypad's 0 key may be used to switch weapons.


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zOMGies Walkthrough

zOMGies is a zombie survival game that is unique in its presentation. This action game features amazing cartoon graphics, a cool soundtrack, eleven different weapons, and frantic, high-paced gameplay!

The objective of zOMGies is to survive through as many levels as you can. Unlike other zombie games, zOMGies does not put you behind a barricade to fend off the undead, but instead puts you on the run! In each level you must make it from start to finish (indicated by a progress bar at the top of the game's interface) without your health being depleted (represented by a bar in the upper-left of the game's interface). If you make it to the end of the level alive, you will proceed to the next, but if your health is totally depleted, the game is over for you! Your health is automatically restored between each level of this action game.

You may take two weapons to defend yourself on each level of zOMGies. You start out with only a pistol and crowbar, but as you progress you will unlock more weapons. Weapons have limited ammunition capacity, so they must be reloaded when empty, but you have unlimited reloads. As is often the case when I play zombie games, the shotgun is my favorite weapon. Unlike most shotguns, the shotgun in zOMGies does not spread, but fires a single shot with extreme power (maybe it uses slugs?). Experiment with the various weapons to find your favorite.

This action game features a variety of obstacles and objects that may appear on each run. Avoid running in carcasses of zombies because doing so will slow you down and make it easier for the undead to catch up to you. Exploding barrels can be shot to kill masses of zombies. There are also a variety of treasure items such as gems, cash, and crosses than can be collected for bonus points.

ZOMGies is a challenging action game that offers a change in pace from the usual zombie games. If you want high paced action, then be sure not to miss this thriller of an shooting game!