Zombocalypse Instructions

A and D move, spacebar shoots, S picks up weapons, W calls in your killstreak.


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Zombocalypse Walkthrough

You're dropped into a zombie infested zone armed with a machete. Isn't your boss awesome? In the shooting game Zombocalypse you have nothing but your machete and whatever weapons decide to suddenly fall from the sky, be it miniguns, pistols, sniper rifles, or shotguns.

Zombies come from both sides of the screen, and even though your machete packs a punch, the guns pack an even bigger one than you would actually need. Weapons regularly fall from the sky towards the center of the arena, and can be picked up by pressing the down key. Once you pick up a weapon, it has full ammo and the previous weapon is lost.

The number of zombies in Zombocalype increases gradually, starting with normal green zombies, purple zombies that have less health but run faster begin to appear, and at around 500 kills a stronger, more durable zombie called a Snatcher begins to show up.

By killing zombies in quick succession, you get killstreak bonuses. A missile at 25, an airstrike at 50, and fire support from a helicopter at 100. These killstreaks can be cashed in at any time by pressing the W button. You only have one killstreak at a time to save up for airstrike or helicopter.

After your eventual death, you rank up with experience according to how many zombies you have killed. This unlocks further weapons and upgrades your current ones for better ammo and firepower.