Warzone Tower Defense Extended

Warzone Tower Defense Extended Instructions

Mouse for all operations.


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Warzone Tower Defense Extended Walkthrough

Warzone Tower Defense Extended is a tower defense game with a modern warfare theme, in that the weapons used aren't too far from what we actually have in real life. You'll defend your base from increasingly tough waves of enemies by strategically placing towers, which each have different functions and specialties.

The game begins without any kind of tutorial, so be prepared! The first few waves in any level will always be a little slow (unless you modify the game type before starting), so you'll have a chance to figure things out while a couple weak enemies roll through.

The breakdown of the various towers is as follows:

Machine gun: The basic starter tower. Targets both ground and air units, has a decent rate of fire and medium range, but is weak. You should build up a solid defense with these, upgrading them as you have opportunity.

Cannon: A heavier hitter that targets only ground units. Slow firing rate, but good range and power.

Missile turret: A better defense against air units than machine gun towers, but can't hit ground units. Similar to the cannon in terms of rate of fire and power.

Flak cannon: Effective against ground units, thanks to its shotgun-like effect. Can target multiple ground units with a decent punch behind it.

Flame thrower: Targets only ground units, but attacks continuously with a constant stream of fire. Particularly effective when placed on a corner, allowing it the maximum time to roast the enemies.

Pulse emitter: Targets both ground and air units. Fires very slowly, but deals heavy damage to anything nearby.

Laser cannon: Targets ground units initially, but can be upgraded to target air types also. Hits multiple targets if they are in a straight line, thanks to its piercing laser. Rate of fire is decent and the power is great if you can position it to take out units in a straight line.

Heavy cannon: Fires slowly against ground units, but has a very long range and an incredible punch if the targets are close to the center of the blast.

Plasma cannon: The best tower there is, by far. Targets both land and air units, has a good rate of fire and great damage, along with a long range to boot. Very expensive, as you would expect.

In terms of strategy, you should invest most of your money into towers that can target both ground and air units at once (machine guns, upgraded laser cannons, and plasma cannons). There is an even balance of ground and air units, so you don't want to stack up on the ground-targeting ones and then get wiped out by the flyers.

As with any tower defense game, the key to winning is to create a "kill zone," in which you pile up lots of towers in one place, instead of spacing them out. You can also modify the path of ground units with your towers, so attempt to create a "bottle neck" wherever possible, which allows you to mow down the enemies in short order.