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Mouse for all operations.


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Warfare 1944 Walkthrough

Warfare 1944 is the hit sequel to the popular war game Warfare 1917. While the premise of the game is the same -- to move your forces to the right side of the map and overtake the enemy -- there have been many key changes that will require the player to adapt a different strategy than before.

While the upgrade system, along with most of the unit types remains the same as before, the biggest change in Warfare 1944 is the three-track system that you can deploy your units on. In the 1917 version, there was one track that all of the units traveled along. In the sequel, you will have three different paths to send your units on, which means that you'll have to juggle all three and make sure that you have each one under control during the battle. In addition to the three paths, units will now cost a certain amount of Resource Points to deploy, whereas before, they did not cost anything to use. The cooldown period is still in effect, though to balance the integration of Resource Points, it doesn't take as long for units to cool down as it did in Warfare 1917.

Another change in Warfare 1944 is that fire support is not automatically given to the player, to be used at whim. Now, you must call in an officer, who can call in fire support once he is on the field. Along with the morale boost from before, this makes the officer a much more important piece in the battle.

Strategy-wise, the game play remains similar to that of its predecessor. Once you have access to machine guns and snipers, you should fortify all three tracks with those defenses if possible, to make sure that you are the one advancing, and not the enemy. The assault squads remain the most effective unit for offensive pushes, while the riflemen continue to be a less desirable unit, unless you need immediate backup while your assault team is still cooling down. Once you've pushed the enemy back far enough, you can advance your defensive units to the next available cover, to keep the pressure on the enemy further down the field.

One notable change in Warfare 1944 is that only one squad can occupy a covered position, so if you send another squad down that track, the one you just deployed will skip past the cover and move forward. Of course, once you have access to tanks, you should make them a priority once you have built up a solid defense, since they do a much better job at mowing down the enemy than regular squads, though they do cost a lot more. If you can't afford a tank, be sure to always send at least two squads to attack the enemy, since one squad usually can't get the job done on its own.

Regarding the upgrade system, just like in the original game, you should focus more on improving your squads and tanks, instead of your fire support.