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Mouse for all operations.


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Warfare 1917 Walkthrough

Warfare 1917 is a very strategy-intense game which puts you in the middle of the battle in World War I. You'll have a variety of unit types at your disposal, along with different ways to provide artillery support from above. The object of Warfare 1917 is to start with your men at the left side of the battle, take the enemy's ground in the middle, and push them back until you've reached the end of the map on the right side. You'll do this by choosing which units to deploy at the right time, depending on the current battlefield situation.

You'll have several different types of units to deploy. Your basic riflemen will be the units you start off with, and for the first couple of missions, you'll be safe to just keep spamming them until the battle is yours. Once you have the assault units though, which are effective at offensive moves and entrenched enemies, you should use them instead, as the riflemen loose their effectiveness after the first few missions. Lewis machine gunners are great defensive units that mow down an advancing enemy, and when coupled with the long-range Sharpshooter, your defense will be solid. You'll eventually gain control of Officers, which in themselves are not a great unit, but they boost the morale and accuracy of units around them. In the later missions, you'll have access to tanks which, although they take a long time to spawn, can plow through most of the opposition you'll find.

On the artillery side of things, you'll be able to deploy a basic mortar strike, which is effective at taking out entrenched units (although being a little inaccurate at times). The artillery strike fires several missiles and is more accurate than the mortar. A gas bomb has long-lasting effects against non-armor units, and is great at clearing out trenches; just be sure that your men don't take the trench while the gas is still there.

You'll gain upgrade points based on how well you perform in a mission, which can be spent to improve your units. You'll have the choice of focusing on improving your units or your fire support. Most of the time, it's a better idea to upgrade your units, since they are your bread and butter during a mission, and fire support takes a long time to regenerate.

On the strategy side of things, always be sure to reinforce your rear-most trench with machine gunners and sharpshooters to take out any enemy that gets that far. Once you take the next trench, you can move up your defense and fortify that position, using the previous trench as a "storage point" to build up a huge force that you'll unleash all at once. Most of the time, it's not a good idea to send one squad by itself against the enemy, since it'll probably be taken out easily, which reduces your morale. Always send at least two squads at once (keep one squad in a trench until your most recently-deployed squad gets there, then send them forward at the same time).

This is a game of patience as well as strategy, so don't be expecting to win a mission in less than five minutes!