Unreal Flash 3

Unreal Flash 3 Instructions

WASD controls your character, mouse aims and shoots, holding down Space while firing uses secondary weapon


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Unreal Flash 3 Walkthrough

Unreal Flash 3 puts you in an arena with up to ten opponents on up to four teams, with four modes of play and plenty of maps for killing each other on. Unreal Flash has four game modes, Deathmatch, King of the Hill, Instagib, and Capture the Flag.

Deathmatch is simply everyone on their teams trying to kill everyone on all the other teams until they reach the alloted score. This game has friendly fire so be careful not to shoot your allies.

King of the Hill is a mode where one spot of the map is designated the "Hill", and the the team standing on the Hill gains points until the target is reached. Capturing the hill involves killing everyone standing on it and keeping it that way.

Instagib is the same as deathmatch, but everyone is packing dual guns that will instantly kill in a single bullet, making for extremely short but tense rounds where you can die at any time. However, if someone can shoot you, you can shoot them just as well.

Capture the Flag is a common enough mode in these kinds of games. There are flags on the map, and by taking it back to your own flag, you gain a point. If the enemy grabs your flag, he will drop it upon death and anyone can grab it. If your own teammate touches the flag, it will be returned to your base instantly.

Each weapon in the game has two modes of fire, primary and secondary. By holding down the spacebar before firing, you will activate the secondary function, all of them different and of varying use, such as the sniper rifle teleporting you across the map and the rocket launcher being a powerful flamethrower for close-range combat.