Superfighters Instructions

Superfighters is controlled by using the keyboard. On the menu, the arrow keys are used to navigate, the spacebar is used to confirm a choice, and the escape key is used to go back. Player 1's default controls are the arrow keys to move, the N key to melee, the M key to shoot, the comma (,) key to throw a grenade, and the period (.) key to activate powerups. Player 2's default controls are the WASD keys to move, the 1 key to melee, the 2 key to shoot, the 3 key to throw a grenade, and the 4 key to activate powerups. These controls may be modified from the setup menu.


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Superfighters Walkthrough

Superfighters is a complex action game with elements of the platforming game genre. Superfighters features 8-bit sound effects, sprite graphics reminiscent of the NES gaming console, and frantic gameplay!

Superfighters features three general game modes: VS Mode, Stage Mode, and Survival Mode. The objective of VS Mode is to duke it out against the computer (or second player, if you're playing with a friend). You may play in an independent deathmatch, or play in a team match. The first team (or player) to reach the kill limit wins the game. If you did not set a kill limit, you may exit the game by pressing the escape key.

The second mode offered in Superfighters is Stage Mode. Stage Mode puts you against the computer in twelve battles where you must kill all of the computer-controlled enemies without being killed yourself. This action game saves your progress, so you may continue where you left off at a later time. Finishing all of these challenges unlocks a new skin for you to use.

The third and final mode in this action game is Survival Mode. Survival Mode puts you against endless waves of computer-controlled enemies. Your objective here is to survive for as long as you are able and to kill as many enemies as you can. In this mode, health is very precious, so if you're playing with a friend be sure not to hit them (the same can be said for all modes of this action game)!

Superfighters is a wonderful action game, but the controls are quite complex. For this reason, I advise you to play the tutorial first to get a hang of things. In my opinion, it would be easier to control this game if shooting were controlled by the mouse, but I understand that it would be impossible to implement a two-player game where both players have the ability to aim with the mouse. Mouse controls on the menu would have been a nice addition, but full keyboard controls does add to the NES console-esque atmosphere of this action game.

If you are a die-hard fan of action games, you won't want to miss Superfighters. This platforming game features enough running and gunning action to give The Expendables a run for their money! If you have the guts and want the glory, play Superfighters today!