Stick Basketball

Stick Basketball Instructions

Stick Basketball, just like other sports games out there, is played entirely with the keyboard. Use the arrow keys for basic movement and to move your player to the right spot. While you are on offense, use the A button to dodge defenders from the opposing team. To make that shot, hit the S key... and cross your fingers. ? If you want to amaze the crowd with slam dunks, then get close enough to the ring and press the D key. HOWEVER, if you are not in a position to shoot for the hoop, then pass it to one of your teammates with the F button. As for defense, when on this mode, press the A key to steal and hit the S button to block. That's it for the controls. Onto the game!


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Stick Basketball Walkthrough

Stick figures - we are used to seeing them cut each other, blow all of those around them into nothing... they are violent. HOWEVER, it seems that these simple looking beings know a thing or two about sports. And in Stick Basketball, these stick men own the yard! If you are a HUGE fan of basketball and if you love stick figures, then this flash-based sports game is yours for the taking.

Coming at you with nice stick figure graphics we all came to love; different power-ups to boost your team's performance at the court; as well as a fun-filled game play, it's easy to find yourself addicted on Stick Basketball. The game comes with 3 different game modes: (1) 21 Game Mode, (2) Single Game, and lastly, there's the (3) Play Offs Game Mode. Let's take a closer look at these game modes.

(1) 21 Game Mode: In the first mode, your goal is to score 21 points before your opponent does. At the start of the game, your opponent takes the ball. After that, the player who doesn't score takes the ball in after every basket. If you are someone who wants to play one-on-one in the court, you will like this mode for sure.

(2) Single Game - Moving forward, we have the Single Game Mode which puts you on a team of 2 players. The objective of this mode is to bag as many points as possible before the game ends. A full game on this mode isn't that long, which is good for folks who have short attention spans like me. The game is divided into 2 2-minute halves... giving a total of 4 minutes per game. After the first half is finished, the teams need to switch sides and do their thing - shoot baskets and bag points.

(3) Play Offs Game Mode - This game mode is quite similar to the previous game mode. HOWEVER, instead of playing only one exhibition game, you need to pick a team and beat ALL of the other teams in the division. It's a round-robin tournament which will, ultimately, pit the best team in the division against the other division's champion. Win this final match-up and you win the whole tournament.

I noticed that making your shots within the three-point line works best. Do that and you will rarely miss a shot. Of course, you can try your luck and try it beyond the three-point line. If you are fortunate enough and the ball goes in, you will be rewarded with 3 points. HOWEVER, making the basket from that region in the court is very slim. You don't want to waste your chances when you are in possession of the ball unless you have a power up.

YES, there are 4 power-ups in this stick figure sports game. There's the blazing ball that allows you to dunk from anywhere in the court! Following that, there's a blazing bull's eye that allows you to PERFECTLY shoot from anywhere in the court. If you have this power-up, milk it for whatever amount of points its worth with perfect 3-point shots. See those Hermes' winged shoes? Grab them and your player doubles his speed... allowing you to leave your opponent's behind while the Clock slows down everything except you.