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One of the MORE popular 'choose your own style' adventure games, Stealing The Diamond has captivated fans of the genre. The control scheme of the game is as easy as it could get. An animation plays out and every now and then, you need to use your mouse (or occasionally, your keyboard) to make a choice as to what your stickman character should do to advance in the game. Adventure games like this need A LOT of smarts and wits to play. Let's have a closer look at the game.


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Bank robbery can be a LOT of fun. Escaping from your prison cell and being free is satisfying beyond words. HOWEVER, if you are going to pull off a crime, make it this one - steal the diamond! In Stealing The Diamond, that's EXACTLY what you are going to do. You see, the Tunisian Diamond (this thing is just MASSIVE) is on show at the Stickville Museum. Good thing, it's already night time. All of the people who came to see the diamond are gone. There's nothing standing between you and your early retirement BUT a couple of security guards who are about to pass out. With all of your tools and equipments built from the ground up for stealing, this shouldn't be a problem, right? WRONG! And that's what makes this game from Puffballs United EXTREMELY fun!

The main divergence or branching point of this adventure game comes right from the onset where you get to choose between busting into the museum or doing it sneakily. Pick the former and everything you have to do after it has a time limit. The latter, on the other hand, is quite forgiving as there is no time limit. BUT make no mistake about it. Whichever option you pick, you need to work and sweat it to get that grand diamond. You see, there are only 3 paths to success and there are about 40 ways to fail and get caught. Which options lead to success? Well, that's not cut and dried so that means you need to spend A LOT of time dying. BUT that's where the challenge is. With only 7 percent chances of victory, the probability of pulling of the heist is REALLY slim. BUT who cares? Take a look at that diamond!

This interactive adventure game and movie is MORE like a movie. But that hardly matters; it comes with the complete package. It showcases a silky smooth animation. The writing and dialogue will surely make you laugh. The voice acting is impressive. The death messages are alarming. And to top it all off, the soundtrack and audio effects kicks butt! It is clear that Puffballs United do know their thing, they have an excellent understanding of animated physical comedy. I would go as far as saying that the stuff you would see here would fit into the best 'Road Runner And Coyote' cartoons and episodes. I also love the background scenery of the museum. Don't you dare blink... the jokes are everywhere and blinking means you have missed some of them.

The internet culture references will really be enjoyed by more than those who don't. Heck! You would even find headcrabs that are from Valve's Half Life. And the crowbar which is the weapon that the lead character in Half Life carries so often is also here to join the party! When it comes to implementing references, game play, secrets, and bonuses, this game is a like 10/10 hot chick! BUT here's where the fun is: crashing into the walls, breaking into secured buildings, etc. all for the love of that diamond!

If you are the sort who loves to hunt for achievements in adventure games like Stealing The Diamond, you surely would appreciate a save button. Unfortunately, this game doesn't have any. Don't let that stop you from enjoying this game, though. Overall, Stealing The Diamond packs a lot of punch... it's a gem from top to bottom! It's a GREAT game packing a lot of replay value while you try to find your way through the different choices and options at your fingertips.

I'm sure some of you are having hard time finding certain medals in the game. So I decided to put up a brief guide to finding some of them. Take a look:

TLDR Medal: Looking at the wall of author's text when you use the Portal Gun to sneak in, you will find a line that says something along the lines of: "If You Want A Medal, Click HERE." Do what it says - click here and you will find it.

Like A D6 Medal: When you pick the jumping boots (which is the first choice after you opt for the sneak in route), you will 'lose' 2 points. Just do this 3 times and you will get the Like A D6 Medal.

01100010 Medal: Again, at the Sneak In Route, at the choice where you are handed a pokeball, you will see a screen that has A LOT of error-messages that you see in Windows. These have OK boxes. I'm not too sure which one, BUT you need to click OK at least one of these boxes.

Obscure Medal: In the game, there are A LOT of paintings that you can click on. If you want to bag this medal, you need to click on all of them which is NOT that easy. Two of the paintings are at the Aggressive Route. When you smash your scooter into the building, you will find them hanging on the walls. They zip by REALLY fast, however, so you need to be fast at clicking them.

Three of these paintings are found at the Epic Route. One of them is at the screen where you need to deal with 2 guards with the choice between a gun, plane, and bombshell. One of them is at the screen where you are given the pokeball choice. Once you hit the last choice where the robot crashes on the museum, you will find the blue painting lying on the ground littered with debris. You will see it for only a second or so. Click it quick!

Last BUT not the least, another one is at the Undetected Route. After you nab the Diamond where there are 2 guards, you will find it there.