Sports Heads: Football

Sports Heads: Football Instructions

Arrow keys to move and jump, Space to kick


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Sports Heads: Football Walkthrough

Sports Heads: Football is a fun and simple game with a simple goal (no pun intended), but it's very addicting because of how easy it is to play. The idea is to score as many goals as possible on your opponent within the time allotted. Oh, and did we mention that you're nothing but a big head with a foot attached? Minor details.

As the ball flies around, it may come into contact with various power-ups, which will cause good or bad effects on you, the ball, or the goals. They're pretty difficult to hit intentionally, so you're better off focusing on scoring goals than trying to get power ups, but if you happen to get one, then it'll make your life easier.

You'll play your way through a series of increasingly difficult matches, with opponents that get smarter and craftier as you go along. You have the option of either kicking or head-butting the ball to make it go forward (considering those are the only body parts at your disposal...), hopefully over your opponent's head and into their goal. Keep in mind that, just like in real soccer/football, you can score on yourself, so be careful that you don't hit it backwards into your own goal! You will need to play a balanced combination of offense and defense. You want to be aggressive and put the pressure on your opponent's side of the field, but you also don't want to be embarrassed as a ball goes flying over your head because your defensive game was weak.

You'll know whether you should charge forward and play offense, or hold back a defensive position, based on where the ball is released after each goal. In addition to being dropped in the middle after a goal, it might be lobbed to your side or your opponent's, so pay attention! If it comes to your side, then you'd be wise to charge forward and take advantage of it, sending the ball flying and hopefully straight into the goal. However, if ball goes to the opposite side in the beginning, then hang back. You don't move fast enough to get to it before the opponent does, and if you're caught mid-field while the other player has possession, there's a good chance that you'll get scored on. Hang back, block if the ball is coming toward the goal, or wait for it to bounce off the wall if the other player misses.

Most of your goals will be scored when you jump and kick in the air, and not so much as the result of a ground battle for the ball. When doing a ground kick, there's a good chance that the ball will just go straight forward into your opponent, so wait for it to bounce, then jump and shoot. If you're lucky, it will either go straight in, or bounce off the wall and off your opponent's head, making him score on himself!