Spongebob: Slammin' Sluggers

Spongebob: Slammin' Sluggers Instructions

If you have played baseball-themed sports games before, Spongebob: Slammin' Sluggers' controls should be a piece of cake to handle. Played entirely with a mouse, as long as you know how to point and click, choosing your ball; determining the power and precision of your pitch and swing should be easy. Just click once to stop the power meter and click for the second time to stop the effect on the precision meter. That's about it for the controls. Let's take a look at the game.


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Spongebob: Slammin' Sluggers Walkthrough

If you don't know Spongebob and the gang, then you must be hiding a rock for a very long time... and it's about time you get to know the guys with Spongebob: Slammin' Sluggers. A baseball game based on Nickelodeon's world-famous cartoon TV series, this flash sports game showcases controls that are easy to handle; top-notch graphics; and of course, the characters from the show!

The objective of this sports game is very straightforward. Leading home team - Team Bikini, you need to topple the visiting team - Team Anchovy. Now, there are a couple of rules you need to keep in mind. Every inning lasts only one out. Once you hit the ball, it's automatically a home run. There are only nine innings in total. The team that ends up having the most home runs within those innings win the game.

Unlike other flash-based baseball games, Spongebob: Slammin' Sluggers is very easy to play... and even kids can easily pick it up. For one thing, you don't have to worry about your aim when you are batting. Along with that, the only field position that you should play is the pitcher. In Spongebob: Slammin' Sluggers, it all comes down to clicking at the right time.

Looking at the bottom right part of the screen, you will find 2 meters. The first meter, a spiraling one, is the power meter. You want to stop this (by clicking) when it's almost full. On the other hand, the precision meter (necessary both for batting and pitching) must be stopped when the indicator is close to the green center zone. Once you master the handling of the precision meter, batting and pitching should be child's play to you. You can easily strike out your opponents and hit home runs when you are batting. In simpler words, victory will be yours!

Those are the basics. Now, let's move on to something a little more advanced. The special balls and bats - there are 2 special balls in the game and 2 special bats as well. Before every batting or pitching attempt, you are given a chance to pick the normal items or one of the special items. Using one of these special items guarantees that a strike when pitching or a home run when batting. HOWEVER, keep in mind that you only get 2 of these for the entire match or game. Use them wisely.

That said, beating this game without resorting to these almost magical baseball items is very much doable.

Summing things up, this sports game is VERY entertaining. It may come off as too easy for baseball / sports game veterans out there. BUT it's still fun. I'm sure younger players and fans of the Spongebob TV series will go giddy over this game.