Sierra 7

Sierra 7 Instructions

Left mouse button aims and fires, spacebar interacts or zooms in, R reloads, Q switches weapons, F changes fire mode, V toggles nightvision, down pauses.


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Sierra 7 Walkthrough

An on-rails shooter like you would see at the arcades. Sierra 7 has you play as an elite unit who takes down private militia teams single-handedly. As an on-rails shooter, your only concern is shooting at the targets who appear as black stick figures. To advance through the stages you will be prompted to press the spacebar to open doors once your resolve is ready.

Enemies are significantly randomized in Sierra 7, what room had 2 enemies on your first attempt could have none or three on the second attempt. Don't think you can be smart and shoot at an enemy by predicting with 100% accuracy, even though you have plenty of ammo if you keep your gun on semi.

Towards the end of a few stages, you will see a red outline that shows the targets you have to take down via thermal imaging. When these come up, you only have a few seconds to shoot them down before they kill hostages, or themselves.

On sniping stages, you will have to take out targets in a specific order to avoid the base being alerted. Your CO will tell you what targets to take, and to be mindful of the wind represented by a flag in the bottom corner of the screen. These missions are simple enough to do, just learn the effects of the wind.