Raze 2

Raze 2 Instructions

WASD to move, jump, and crouch; Q and E (or 1-7) to cycle through weapons, F to pick up ammo, click to fire.


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Raze 2 Walkthrough

First of all, Raze 2 requires a pretty decent computer to run at the higher graphics levels, so if your computer isn't feeling too confident, you may want to turn down the detail levels a couple notches.

The sequel to the wildly popular original Raze gives us a much larger offering of weapons and characters, along with a decent plot -- something about aliens invading (again) and you being the only hope for mankind. (But honestly, when was the last time you got deeply involved in the plot of a Flash game?) The important thing is that you get to blow a bunch of aliens to smithereens in a bunch of new and exciting ways. While the concept of a third-person side-scrolling shooter isn't new to us, Raze 2 manages to pull it off well, making combat intuitive and fun.

As far as suggestions go, the main hint to keep in mind is that you must develop your own playing style and stick to it. There are a lot of effective ways to win at Raze 2 because of all the different weapon combinations you can have. Whether you prefer duking it out in close quarters with pistols and melee weapons, or if you enjoy sniping and lobbing grenades from a distance, pick a way of playing and go with that. As with any shooter, it's critical that you be constantly moving -- after all, if you're just standing there motionless, you give the enemy a much better chance at creating a new, uncomfortable hole in your head.

The combat environments will give you many ways to take advantage of them, such as launch pads, elevators, and slime pits that slow down anyone who walks into them. Use these to your advantage: Position yourself on the other side of a slime pit, so that the dumber AI gets caught in it while you pick them off, or at the least, you can keep your aim a little above the pit since you know the enemies will have to jump over it. Launch pads will let the skillful player take careful aim and score a kill while zooming by, making it almost impossible to hit them as they fly overhead.

Always keep an eye on your ammo, especially with automatic weapons, since you can't keep holding down the mouse button forever and expecting the gun to keep shooting. Once you find a good weapon, make sure you keep it stocked on ammo, otherwise it will automatically disappear from your inventory, leaving you with a lowly pistol to get the job done. Also take note of where the spawn points are, since Raze 2 does allow you to pull the cheap trick of spawn camping, letting you eradicate the enemy as soon as they respawn.

Stay in motion, master a play style and try to keep as much ammo strapped to your belt as possible, and you'll rise from the battlefield as a champion!