Raze Instructions

WASD handles movement, jumping, and ducking. 1234567890 (the number keys) handles weapon changing, mouse aims and shoots, CTRL pauses the game.


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Raze Walkthrough

A 2D shoot 'em up where you play as either the humans or the aliens, or a completely customizable character in a quick game against AI bots. The Campaign pits you against the Aliens, and once you're done with the Humans, you can play as the Aliens in even more difficult and challenging stages.

Raze plays like a normal PvP game against AI bots. You have multiple game modes that can crop up in quick game, or the campaign. You have the Deathmatch mode where you simply have to reach the target number of kills before everyone else. Then Team Deathmatch where you have to reach the target kills as a team. Elimination and Team Elimination are like Deathmatch, but each player only has a certain amount of lives and the goal is to kill them until you are the last man standing. The last mode is Juggernaut, where a single person is an enhanced version of the original characters called the Juggernaut, and only his kills get counted. Anyone who kills the Juggernaut becomes the Juggernaut.

The controls in Raze use a combination of WASD and the mouse for movement and shooting. The keyboard number keys are used to switch between all of your weapons. They all vary in what they do best, such as railguns being extremely effective against multiple enemies and if they're in the bullet's path, it will not miss. The grenade launcher fires sticky grenades that can cover a single opponent and ruin his healthbar quite easily with the added satisfaction of him being able to do absolutely nothing about it.

Scattered across Raze's stages are pickup points that spawn weapons, health, and armor. Invincibility and Double Damage powerups also spawn in specific areas and do exactly what they say on the tin. When you run over a weapon pickup, it's added to your inventory at the bottom along with a quantity of ammunition. There are no drops when an enemy is killed, so don't worry about that rocket launcher with full ammo being used against you by Raze's rather brutal AI opponents.