Raft Wars

Raft Wars Instructions

Raft Wars is controlled by using the mouse. Move your mouse to aim and set the power of your shot. Click the left mouse button to shoot.


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Raft Wars Walkthrough

Raft Wars is an artillery game that puts you in the diapers of two baby brothers that have stumbled upon treasure in their sandbox. Pirates want the treasure for themselves, and it is up to you to stop them! Raft Wars features cute graphics, simple controls, three different types of weapons, and challenging gameplay.

The objective of Raft Wars is to knock out all enemies before they knock you out. In each level, you get to shoot first, followed by your adversary, followed by you, and so on until one team is defeated. If you manage to defeat your enemies by either depleting their life bars or knocking them into the water, you will proceed tot he next level. If your enemies defeat you first, however, you will have to start the level over. The faster you beat your enemies, the more bonus credits you will be rewarded with in this shooting game. Managing to defeat your foes with less shots than the par of the level will also reward you with more credits.

Between levels of Raft Wars, you may use your credits to buy weapons or to upgrade your raft. I advise you to save money to upgrade your raft first. Upgrading your raft gives you more room to slide backwards without falling into the water (instant death) if one of your characters is hit, and also adds an extra character to shoot for you if both of the original twins fall into the water on a level.

There are three different weapons featured in this action game: the basic tennis ball, the grenade, and the rocket. To select a weapon for a shot, click on that weapon's icon before firing. The tennis ball has unlimited ammunition, and flies in a trajectory based on the power and angle of your shot. When shooting, notice how far your shots are off-target, and adjust your power and angle accordingly. The tennis ball does not always promise one-hit kills, but headshots do more damage, and if you manage to knock your opponent off of their raft, you can score an instant-kill.

The second weapon in Raft Wars is the grenade. The grenade is fired similar to the tennis ball, but deals less damage for striking enemies. What makes the grenade special is that it will explode after about five seconds. If the grenade falls into the water, however, it will not explode. Since the grenade follows a flight path similar to that of the tennis ball, I advise you to fire a preliminary shot with the tennis ball in order to get an idea where your grenade will land, then fire your grenade the round after. Grenades cost three hundred credits in this action game.

The third weapon that is featured in this artillery game is the rocket. Rockets follow a flatter trajectory compared to tennis balls or grenades, so it is best to shoot them at full power, aiming slightly above your intended target. Rockets explode on contact with a surface, making them a very powerful weapon for quickly dealing with groups of enemies. Rockets cost five hundred credits, but if you use them to beat the par on a level, then they will pay for themselves and yield you profit!

Raft Wars is an excellent artillery game, but there are a two major issues that I have. Firstly, you cannot pan the camera while plotting a shot nor is there a minimap, so you must rely on memory to know where your enemies are. Secondly, this shooting game does not give any indication of the trajectory or power of your previous shot. You will have to memorize your settings or use a "landmark" of sorts to compensate your aim. I often used the coconuts on the tree in the background as a mark to aim my shots.

Raft Wars is an action game that is sure to provide entertainment despite its minor flaws. Don't let those pirates pilfer your tikes' treasure in Raft Wars!