Plazma Burst

Plazma Burst Instructions

WASD move and jump, mouse wheel selects your weapon, mouse is used to aim and fire.


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Plazma Burst Walkthrough

A sci-fi shooter where you play a lone super soldier armed only with a pistol who takes on enemy troops in a large complex to save the world, keeping their weapons for himself and blowing them all to Kingdom Come with an arsenal of weapons.

In Plazma Burst, it's you against fairly competent enemies packing solid firepower, while you have a pistol. However, any enemies you kill drop their weapons, and their weapons have unlimited ammo, meaning you can shoot like crazy all you want. As is common in shooting games, accurate weapons for headshots are often more reliable than spraying everywhere with a machine gun.

There are several elements to the game world, such as explosives and cryo-explosives, which when shot with sufficient firepower will explode, taking out any enemies near them, and detonating other nearby explosives. Another is walls of glass, that when shot break into shards that can deal some fairly hefty damage if you're unlucky. Use these to your advantage.

You can't sneak up on your enemies, as they become aware of you very quickly once they have a line of fire. You need to be quick and accurate to progress through the stages, as they are aggressive and want you dead so you can't stop their nefarious plans. Be careful because some good aim on their part can kill you twice as fast as you kill them.