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Just like most puzzle and adventure games out there, Little Wheel is played entirely with your PC's mouse. As long as you know how to point and click, you are good to go. The design and interface of this adventure game could NOT be friendlier. Unlike other puzzle and adventure games where you need to hunt for pixels or hot spots, the things and items you need to interact with are highlighted by a gray circle. Along with that, instead of roaming around, picking up items, and rubbing them against everything to see if it unlocks something, A LOT of the puzzles in this game are solved by just choosing to click these interactive spots and doing so in the correct sequence. That's just about everything you need to remember to play Little Wheel. BUT let's have a closer look...


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In a world of self-sufficient robots that functions and runs like clockwork (performing everything they do with laser-precision), nothing could go wrong, right? WRONG! Apparently, accidents do happen even in a robot-ruled world just like the one in Little Wheel. Everything was flowing smoothly until one day... one day where a robot fell off of the Main Power Core, which shuts down everything. Trains and other forms of transportation; industrial facilities; and everything else in between including the robots are all shut down. Good night robots, you are in for a VERY long sleep!

BUT miracles do happen! After ten thousand years of rusting, a lighting brought by a storm accidentally strikes a hero... a little robot who is now tasked of setting everything again in motion. You, the player, has to help him using your mouse and A LOT of your wits. Can you bring back the civilization back to its old glory?

What happened to their world is sad, BUT it would have been sadder if the whole thing wasn't designed so spectacularly! YES, Little World is one of those adventure games that top the 'design and graphics department'. And there's nothing fancy about it - it's just a simple combination of sepia and black. HOWEVER, even with that, the designers of this adventure game came up with a remarkably detailed silhouette world. The structures, trains, characters, and everything else in between are rendered with great detail... all the way down to the very last winch and switch. And to go hand in hand with the near-perfect design, the animation is just as superb. Everything - your character, the switches, the train he rides, the bulldozer he uses to smash the huge barricade of rocks... all of them work and move like a well-oiled sewing machine. Take my word for it, it's very smooth!

HOWEVER, make no mistake about it. Little Wheel is NOT a perfect adventure game. Nah, far from it... there's one major caveat that I have with it. It's short and, compared to other puzzle and adventure games out there that will make you pull your hairs out, this is easy. While the developers provided a walkthrough for those who are too lazy to think on their own, I don't think there is any need for it. It won't take long for you to figure out which item to pick, which switch to click on first, etc. It feels more like you are watching an animated short story rather than a REAL adventure game. As for my case, I finished the game in 10 minutes flat... and that's coming from someone who is terribly lazy and bad at thinking on his feet.

What it lacked in the length and difficulty department was more than made up for by its sheer amount of polish. Well, I don't know about you, BUT if sacrificing an hour of game play is necessary to achieve such a magnificently rendered adventure game, I'm cool with it... it's a sacrifice I'm willing to make.

Backing up the great design is a mellow and finger snapping jazz soundtrack. It's soothing and relaxing. It makes you want to sit back, take your time as you go through the puzzles in the game, and enjoy the whole process. Summing things up, while the length and difficulty of this adventure game makes it more suited for a lunch break rather than a whole afternoon, the good dose of charm and polish will surely make it one of the most unforgettable point and click adventure games one could lay his hands on.