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In Learn To Fly 2, you can choose which control scheme you want from the 2 on show - you can use your keyboard controls (the Left and Right arrow keys as well as Space Bar button to control your boosts). On the other hand, you can use your mouse - just move your mouse to get you flying at the right angle and hit the left click button to get that much needed boost. When you are between launches, you can take a rest and spend your hard-earned cash on equipments that will help you fly better. You can buy better launch pads. You can grab some gliders to improve your air resistance. You can purchase balloons, rockets, and all sorts of things that will make you fly faster, higher, and farther... which in turn nets you more dough. Along with that, you can also bag bonus points by completing specific challenges that you can use the bonus shop where you can buy... well, as I see it, in-game cheats. With these items from the bonus shop, you can lower down gravity; you can reduce the drag; and even rig the calendar in your favor. Talk about cheating heh! What's nicer is that these bonus shop items are carried over between games. You can restart the game and have them in place for your use.


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Learn To Fly 2 Walkthrough

It's been quite a while since the original Learn To Fly adventure game was released by Light Bringer. Man, this flight and adventure game hybrid captivated the audience... and mostly, it's because of the penguin that was bent on launching himself out of the non-flying category of birds in Kiwipedia. Yeah, the game isn't fancy. BUT there's no doubt that it stood out from its genre. And now, Light Bringer treats us with the sequel we have all been waiting for - Learn To Fly 2!

It took the developer, Light Bringer, one year after the release of the original game to complete the sequel. HOWEVER, as it turns out, he is NOT wasting his time.

Learn To Fly 2 is way better than the original game in all departments: it showcases more game modes; boasts more interesting upgrades to keep your penguin flying; there are more customization options; there are more secrets to uncover, tricks to pull off, challenges, and achievements to bag... giving the game better and beefier replay value. This is also one of those adventure games whose cut scenes are next to none in terms of quality. The penguin in Learn To Fly 2 woke up from his comma and is still sure about redeeming his reputation on the internet. Not the wisest of errands for sure, BUT this is going to fun without a doubt. And the penguin, this time around, got smarter. Not wanting to risk his neck again, he decides to use a penguin shaped sack as his test dummy.

The game comes with 3 game play modes: (1) Story, (2) Classic, and last BUT not the least, (3) Arcade. The Story Mode of Learn To Fly 2 showcases new twists and obstacles... including the iceberg which led to your comma in the first game. You need to destroy it if you want to come out victorious. The Classic Game Mode, on the other hand, has the general idea like the first game, which is to fly as far and as high as you can. Lastly, the Arcade Mode gives you 3 different budgets. The idea here is to score as much and as great as you can using the ONLY amount of money you are given... NOTHING MORE!

One of the BIGGEST shortcomings of flight and adventure games in general is that, when you hit a wall or a plateau, you have no choice BUT to grind things out... save up for the next upgrade in the linear sequence, rinse and repeat until you finish the game. Learn To Fly 2, on the other hand, offers upgrades in different directions. You can use those and try out different combinations to see which one fits your playing style best. Are you someone who wants to use speed and sheer impact to eradicate obstacles? Would you rather play it safe by making them explode from afar? Are you one of the 'fast and furious' kind of guys or are you someone who wants to play it slowly BUT steadily? The possibilities and options offered by Learn To Fly 2 are rich!

And to top it off, there are tons of challenges and medals for you to win. There are awards for surpassing predictable speed, distance milestones, going backwards, and those are just to name a few. Let's not forget, there are also 8 secrets that the game has in store for you.

When a game developer has released one HUGE hit, it's tempting to rush out the sequel to make sure they hold the attention span of internet gamers. It's nice to see Light Bringer going the other way - spending as much time as possible and listening to his fans, to make sure the gaming world gets the BEST sequel possible. While a year is too long of a time for a flash-based adventure game sequel, Learn To Fly 2 has enough niceties to keep you on the edge of your seats for a long time.