High Speed Chase 2

High Speed Chase 2 Instructions

If you have played car / racing games before, the control scheme of High Speed Chase 2 should be a piece of cake to handle. For basic movement, you just have to use the usual left, up, down, and right arrow keys. Power-ups are essential in winning the races at High Speed Chase 2. To use one, just hit the space bar button or hold it down for burst use. Since you can pick up more than one power-up, you may want to switch to one that suits the situation. To do so, press the shift key. On the other hand, if you think you are better off dropping it and picking up a different one, just hold down the Shift key and pass through the power up of your choice. That's about it for the controls. Onto the game!


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High Speed Chase 2 Walkthrough

Fast paced and action packed - if that's your cup of tea (like most gamers out there), High Speed Chase 2 is a racing game you simply cannot miss. Brought to you by the same guy who brought us The Heist and The Heist 2 - Johnny Twoshoes, you are almost guaranteed to have an action and fun-packed time playing High Speed Chase 2.

While the objective of the game is far from the usual 'finish first and earn achievements' kind of goal, it's still easy to pick up. You have to be the next super agent. And how do you do that in a racing game? You need to take out targets and you will be briefed about them in your mission overview.

To dispose them, you have to crash you car against your targets, watch their life bar drain, and swell in pride as they explode. While your car is REALLY durable and can take a lot of punishment, durability alone won't get you to that famed 'Super Agent' spot. That's where power-ups come into the scene. Gliders; power ups that restore your health, which gives you more crashing and bumping power; speed boosts that lets you run over your targets like a boss; bullets, pistols, etc. - all of these and more are scattered all over the place, waiting to be picked up.

The downside with the power-ups is that they are dependent on which of them you bought and upgraded. It sounds kind of silly. You can 'buy' power ups and upgrade them... BUT they don't go straight to your inventory. Instead, you have to break a sweat and pick them up from the road. Anyway, to buy power ups, you have to part with something you worked hard for. To buy and upgrade power-ups, you need to shed some hard earned points. That said, you should upgrade and purchase power-ups that will make it easier for you to take down targets.

For every level, there are 3 awards to be achieved - gold, silver, and bronze. You need to bag at least the bronze award to get unlock the next level.

As for your score, they are based largely on score multipliers. How do you increase your score multipliers? Three words: do crazy stuff! And by crazy I mean killing cops (!); driving head on and against the traffic flow; reaching the top speed; and of course, taking down your targets. If you have that itching to wreck, spread havoc and chaos on the highway, this game is a good place to take out that itching. But let me warn you. While your car is really tough, it's not invincible. It's possible to kill yourself in the process and that means starting from square one. Oh! And one last thing: leave the civilians alone. Crashing into them and harming them will lower your current score.

If you are looking for car / racing games where you don't need to have a license to drive; a game where you get rewarded for doing crazy... or should I say destructive stunts - High Speed Chase 2 is a MUST-play. Check out this game by Johnny Twoshoes and see what I am talking about.