GunBlood Instructions

GunBlood is controlled by using the mouse. Place your mouse over the chamber to start the countdown. When the countdown is over, use the mouse to aim and click to shoot.


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GunBlood Walkthrough

GunBlood is a unique shooting game that focuses on the iconic Wild West shootout. GunBlood features simple controls, great graphics, and heart-pounding gameplay.

The objective of GunBlood is to survive nine duels against some of the most rootin'-tootinest gunslingers in the Old West. You must deplete your opponent's life bar before they deplete yours, and you only have six shots to do it in. If you kill your opponent first,t hen you move on to the next round, but if your opponent kills you, then you lose and will have to start the game from the beginning!

In order to survive the duels in GunBlood, you will want to quick-draw your pistol. If you draw too soon, the countdown will start over, but if you draw too slowly, your opponent might get some shots in on you before you can react. Once you have your pistol out, aim for the vitals such as the head and the heart in order to quickly dispatch your foe in this action game.

GunBlood also features wounds. If you or your opponent are shot in the leg, then you will fall to your knees. A shot to the torso might drop your opponent, but it might not kill them. As long as a character is living, they are still a danger, so defend yourself at all times!

GunBlood also features bonus rounds where you must shoot bottles. Shooting all of the bottles accurately will increase your score. Be sure not to shoot the assistant in these rounds, however, because doing so will cost you all of the bonus points that you would have won!

GunBlood is a solid action game, but a system that allows you to restart the level that you died on would have been nice. Starting this game from the very beginning each time you lose can be very frustrating.

Despite its lack of a saving system, GunBlood is a great action game. Do you have what it takes to make it in the Wild West? Cowboy up and find out in GunBlood!