Gravity Master

Gravity Master Instructions

Gravity Master is controlled by using the mouse and the keyboard. The mouse is used to draw shapes. Double clicking on your shape will destroy it. The Enter, Ctrl, or R keys can be used to restart the level. The Spacebar or P key can be used to pause the game. Finally, the V, S, or M keys can be used to change the sound volume of the game.


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Gravity Master Walkthrough

Gravity Master is a physics puzzle game where the objective is to use shapes and gravity to collect all icons on a level with your black ball. The game features twenty-four levels with simple, monochrome graphics and an easygoing soundtrack. There are no distracting sound effects in this puzzle game, allowing you to concentrate on the objective at hand.

The goal of Gravity Master is to collect all of the rotating icons on each level with a single black ball; these objects are already placed on the stage when each level begins. To accomplish this goal, you must draw shapes in the correct position to get the ball rolling the way that you want it to. Some levels will require you to simply use gravity to cause a shape to fall on the ball to get it rolling. Other levels may require you to draw platforms, levers, or walls. Physics applies to every object in this puzzle game, with the exception of the rotating icons that must be collected.

To draw a shape in Gravity Master, simply click and drag your mouse. The amount of "ink" that you have to draw is limited, however, and is represented by a horizontal bar at the top of the screen that appears whenever you start drawing. This bar will decrease as you drag your mouse to draw, but only applies to individual shapes, meaning that you can draw an infinite amount of shapes, but each shape is finite in size. Shapes can be destroyed by double clicking them, which is helpful in some situations.

Gravity Master rewards a higher score for completing the level at a fast pace. As seconds tick by, your level score steadily decreases. You must also be careful when drawing shapes because doing so also decreases your score. The larger the shape that you draw, the more your score will be decreased. Also, if a shape fall off of the stage, you will be penalized 100 points. Quickly destroying a shape by double-clicking it might prevent this from happening in some cases, but you will be penalized 10 points for each destroyed shape.

Gravity Master is a very challenging puzzle game, although it can be frustrating at times. This physics game has a charming atmosphere that is sure to please both puzzle game fanatics and casual gamers alike.