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RPG and adventure games are more about skills in solving problems and forming the right strategy on the fly. If you are looking for games where the controls require quick reflexes and top finger speed that could almost bore a hole in your keyboard, look somewhere else. Frontier's control scheme is as straightforward as it could get. As long as you know how to point and click with your mouse, you can play this game. Just one reminder before we move forward: the game requires some memory to save game files. When it asks you to store memory, just click the OK button and off you go. And don't forget: you need A LOT of wits in playing RPG and adventure games.


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Frontier Walkthrough

Raise your very own economic empire. Weed through the most secluded places in the land in an intense hunt for the Buccaneers - an evil and pirate organization whose intentions are as ill as it could get... to create chaos and destruction. You can join forces with the Enforcers to make sure this organization's movements are stopped cold... keeping the land at peace. What EXACTLY am I talking about? I'm talking about Frontier and these are just some of the possibilities in store for you. In this RPG and adventure game hybrid, the goal is as simple as it could get: you need to carve a name for yourself.

BUT what precisely is the name you want to create? Is it one that personifies justice and courage? Or would you rather have havoc and fear associated with your name? What is the price you are willing to pay to make a name for yourself? More importantly, how are you going to get there? Well, that's for you to answer and discover. You are in control in this adventure game. You need to think for yourself... and that's EXACTLY one of the reasons why this game is head and shoulders ahead of the others within the genre.

While it's ahead of your average adventure games, the stance that Frontier has taken is very identical to many economics games out there. BUT here's the challenge: the path that you need to take is not set... well, nothing is really 'cut and dried' in this game. The game ahead is not linear. While you need to destroy the Buccaneers and other hostile organizations in the game, you also need to bring cities down to their knees and conquer them. Once you have enough goodies for yourself, you can be and you can do anything you want. YES, this is one of those adventure games where the options can be very overwhelming.

The Frontier world is divided into 50 different cities that are located in 10 different environments. With so many places to visit and trade on, this is an adventure game that could easily absorb you into its world. It can get extremely addictive! Along with that, each of the cities has its own financial 'pastures' and opportunities for you to take advantage of. Along with that, every city also has its own guild headquarters where you can grab more missions and bring MORE purpose to your journey.

If you are someone who hasn't played A LOT of RPG and adventure games before, the sheer amount of options at your disposal (character make up; which city you want to trade in; how you will build your army; etc.) can be very overwhelming and confusing. It would really help if you have some sort of goal in mind... something to go after. Perhaps some tips that would help you survive the first and initial challenges would go a LONG way. With that in mind, here are some tips that outline how I played Frontier along with the goals that I set my sights on. I hope this helps:

Having A Good Start: When you begin the game, you have 5000 gold in your pocket. What should you do with that money? Simple - spend it all on coal... one of the hottest items being bought and sold in Frontier. I'd advise you forget about buying equipments, weapons, or armors for the mean time. You want to have a stable start and keep the money coming in... making sure your bottom line is deep enough to support your expansion once you decide to go for it.

What you should do is look at the buying price for coal in different towns and cities. Find which town sells them the cheapest and which town buys them for most. Once you have found these towns, buy them from the cheapest or most affordable source and sell them to those who are willing to pay a leg and arm for them. The objective here is to maximize income. Once you have done that, go buy a cart. No weapons or armors just yet. Rinse and repeat the whole process until you can hire someone and your bottom line is stable enough.

From there, you can join whatever guild you want. This is a personal choice BUT I would highly recommend getting enlisted with the Enforcers.