Freeway Fury

Freeway Fury Instructions

Left and Right to steer, Up to use nitro, Space to pause time for a jump.


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Freeway Fury Walkthrough

Freeway Fury allows you to act out the hidden desire that each of us has while driving: The ability to get through heavy traffic by taking matters into our own hands. While we may not be crazy enough to jump between cars or drive into oncoming traffic, you can do these things in this fun little flash game with a simple premise.

You find yourself driving along, and in Freeway Fury, you can jump between cars, earn a nitro boost for doing so, then speed your way along, weaving in and out of traffic without any police officer really caring. The concept of the game is simple: Hijack as many cars as possible, go as fast as possible, cause as much mayhem as possible, and reach the finish line alive to tell about it. The main object in this game is to jump between cars, which you'll do by press the space bar (or Down arrow) to slow time down, giving you the chance to make a daring leap to the next vehicle. Once you make it onto the next car, press Space again to resume driving, otherwise you'll try to steer the car and inadvertently jump off of your vehicle to certain doom. If you find yourself in a line of cars, then jump twice or three times to pull off a combo and rack up major points.

You'll also earn points by performing certain stunts, like slamming into another vehicle at high speed, or driving into the oncoming traffic on the other side of the screen. If you decide to veer over onto that side, you'll earn "Oncoming" points for however long you hang out over there. If you're feeling very brave, then try to pull off a car jump while you're over there, and you'll get a huge "Speed reversal" bonus. If your timing is excellent and you manage to jump into another vehicle before yours collides head-first into someone else, then you'll get a "Close Call" bonus and your points will shoot way up. And if you're the king of daredevils and you decide to drive a car that's about to explode into oncoming traffic, then pull another "Close Call" so that your original vehicle explodes upon impact, you'll get the biggest bonus there is: "Take Down!"

Other than driving recklessly and acting out your innermost desires on the highway, there's not much to Freeway Fury. If you make it to the different checkpoints along the way, you'll get a time bonus, allowing you a better chance of making it to the end of the track before the counter reaches zero. Although, if you're like us, then you don't care much about finishing the race -- you just want to cause as much mayhem as possible. But since that's the idea of the game, don't feel too bad for being preoccupied with it!