Frantic Frigates

Frantic Frigates Instructions

Frantic Frigates is controlled by using the mouse and the keyboard. Move your mouse cursor and your ship will follow. Press the spacebar to open the shop (also pauses the game). To pause the game and access the options menu, press the P key.


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Frantic Frigates Walkthrough

Frantic Frigates is another ground-breaking (or sea-breaking?) action game from Berzerk Studio. Frantic Frigates features awesome graphics, an epic soundtrack, a variety of upgrades, and twenty-seven achievements.

The objective of Frantic Frigates is to defeat your enemies on the high seas. In each level, a variety of enemies will attempt to stop you. After you have defeated enough of these basic enemies, you will fight the level's boss. If you meet your own defeat in Frantic Frigates, you will have to start this action game from its beginning, but depending on your performance, you will be given a starting allowance of money. Achievements and starting allowance are saved, so you don't have to worry about starting off with no money if you decide to return at a later date.

To control your ship in Frantic Frigates, simply move your mouse and your ship will follow. You do not have to worry about manual shooting in this action game, because your vessel will automatically target the nearest enemy (or treasure chest).

To earn money in this shooting game, you must destroy enemies and collect the coins and jewels that they drop. Occasionally, treasure chests will appear. I advise you to break open as many of these chests as you can to collect the loot inside. Some enemies and chests may also drop red anchors which will heal your ship by one hit-point when collected.

To access the shop in Frantic Frigates, press the spacebar at any time in the game. The shop has three tabs: the inventory tab, where you may view your ships stats and sell items, the shop tab where you may buy items, and the ship tab, where you may upgrade your ship. I advise you to upgrade your ship and weapons first. An upgraded ship can take more damage and has more slots to equip upgrades. Having superior weapons allows you to defeat enemies (especially bosses) quicker.

Frantic Frigates is not a bullet-hell shooter, but still provides challenging entertainment. Casual gamers will enjoy the simple controls and various upgrades in this action game. More hardcore fans of shooting games might not find this game very challenging, but there is still a high entertainment value here. Set sail for action in Frantic Frigates!