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A physics based and flight simulation action game, the controls of Flight isn't quite the same with most action games found in the internet. For getting that plane off the ground, you need to use your mouse: (1) First, click and hold on the paper plane at be start of every level. (2) Next, toss it by moving your mouse and releasing it at the right moment... letting it fly for as long as it could. After you have bought a rudder upgrade, you can control the plane's flight and direction using the arrow keys or the A and D buttons. HOWEVER, you can only maneuver your paper plane if you have enough fuel left. YES, in this game, paper planes are powered by fuel! Along the way, you will find stars scattered all over the sky. Picking up these stars will grant you cash that you can use to buy upgrades that will make your paper plane more sophisticated, which makes the trip to North Pole shorter. The paper cranes, on the other hand, give you temporary multiplier to your funds. In any case, you should grab as many of these stars and cranes as possible.


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Flight Walkthrough

OK, for an action game, I think Flight's story is way too 'soft'. It's a simple game where the objective is to get your paper plane to the North Pole... to Santa Claus to be specific. As it turns out, that paper plane contains an important message, a wish from a girl: to have her mother for Christmas. The polish, charm, and the game play - all of these work well together in creating a breezily enjoyable game.

The mechanics are also straightforward: the farther you fling that paper missile, the farther plane actually travels. It passes through different locations: London, Egypt, and those are just to name a few, until it finally reaches the North Pole. Aside from earning as much dough as you can from the paper cranes and stars, you will learn how to use shooting stars that give you temporary speed boosts allowing you to cover more distance, how to dodge dangerous winds that could send your paper plane crashing down, and how to use upgrades. There are a lot of upgrades here by the way: some allow you to cut down your fuel consumption by a large margin, others give more fund multipliers when you pick paper cranes, others make your plane lighter... allowing you to get airborne for a longer time, and those are just to name a few. I would recommend that you go for the engine upgrade earlier in the game - this allows you to use fuel and take advantage of other upgrades as well.

Each of the world you travel through showcases their own design and feel. HOWEVER, later in the game, you will be spending more time on higher altitudes and won't be seeing much of the world's uniqueness. Up there, everything is pretty much the same - it's filled with space stars and they are worth MORE than the regular stars. I wish the creators of the game would take some time putting more and unique elements in the higher altitudes of the different levels and world in the game. By the way, the game is about covering MORE distance... NOT height. With that in mind, you should focus more on traveling farther than higher.

While it's a sweet and simple flight simulation and action game, I find the story behind it to be the BIGGEST flaw. The premise is good BUT as it unfolds, it gets unsatisfying...especially when you consider that the... well, I won't spill the beans. I'll leave it to you to find out. By the way, the Egypt cut scene doesn't make any sense at all. They should have just omitted it. Overall, however, Flight is a game that I would highly recommend. One that you can play over and over again in an effort to complete the game faster and bag all of the achievements.