Fancy Pants Adventure 2

Fancy Pants Adventure 2 Instructions

The controls of Fancy Pants Adventure 2 are as straightforward and as simple as they could get. For the basic movement, you just need to use the left and right arrow keys. For jumping and getting Mr. Fancy Pants airborne, just press the S button. To duck, press the down arrow key, which is also useful for rolling down hills or sliding down tilted platforms. If you have played the original game of the same name, the controls should be very easy for you to handle. It's just the same. Within the world of Fancy Pants Adventure 2, you will find hostile and not-too-friendly units like black spiders that are larger than life and snails. BUT worry not, you can easily dispatch them by bouncing on their heads or sliding into them. Also, enemies are quite rare in this game. For the most part, you will be charging around the place in a gleeful trance and exploring the hidden places in the Fancy Pants universe with exaggerated physics!


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Fancy Pants Adventure 2 Walkthrough

Spectacular and ambitious - this is the second chapter of Brad Borne's series about a man who has... well, fancy pants! Fancy Pants Adventure 2 - this is one of those flash-based adventure games that are focused on high-speed and neck-breaking acrobatics... and it's very much like a hand-drawn version of Sonic The Hedgehog. The world you will explore in Fancy Pants Adventure 2 is twice as large as in the original game. It's ambitious... oozing with thrills, imagination, as well as whimsy. Apparently, "Be Fancy" is the motto of the guys behind this game. And judging the end result (the game itself), this is a good motto to follow!

The game is best played at supersonic speeds. You need to be fancy. That's what the game tells you and you better obey it by bouncing off of the spiders; pulling off back flips over mountain ranges and picks; wall-kicking the sides of the buildings until you reach the top; and those are just to name a few. Even if he's standing still, Mr. Fancy Pants is filled with energy, looseness, and restlessness. You can notice his slacking arms as well as his hair that bobs endlessly. YES, this guy is always looking to be fancy - to launch himself through the air, to play golf with snail shell, run through treetops like a ninja, and do all sorts of stunts and acrobatics.

The design and theme of the game and levels fits the Mr. Fancy Pants very well... as well as a glove if I may add. It showcases grand and curling cliff sides where you can sprint up; platforms that have just about enough height to keep you running after pulling off a solid wall jump; springboards that launch you sky-high and those are just to name a few. While the game is fast paced by nature, slowing down a bit sometimes helps. You may want to hunt and kill a few spiders for kicks. You can search thoroughly for bonuses and secrets, and those are just some of the things you can do when you decide to slow down. HOWEVER, keep in mind that the pure doses of fun in playing this adventure game comes when you finish the level blink-free! That's the sort of thing that makes the gamers and lovers of this game record their best times and post videos in

BUT make no mistake about it, even with all of its niceties, there's some room for improvement in Fancy Pants Adventure 2. There are areas and levels where the graphics are more detailed. The initial release of the game was also quite buggy BUT you can bet that most of them have been fixed by now. The lack of new enemies to face, the quite inconsistent art and style of the game, the brief playing time, etc. - all of these and more suggest that Fancy Pants Adventure has NOT yet reached its potential. We can only hope for Brad to create a BIGGER and better installment that will captivate us.

BUT don't let that stop you from playing the game. I'm at a loss for words to sum this up, BUT if I could liken it to something, I would liken it to a Mexican cruise. It's something you want to enjoy... enjoy as long as it could last. Well, don't waste another moment. Fans of fast-paced and action packed adventure games, stop reading and start playing Fancy Pants Adventure 2!