Fancy Pants Adventure

Fancy Pants Adventure Instructions

So how do you get Mr. Fancy Pants moving in Fancy Pants Adventure? SIMPLE! You need to use your right and left arrow keys for basic movement. To make him jump, on the other hand, just hit the S key. Do you need to open a door and check out what's inside? No problem! Hit the up directional key and you are good to go. If you need to duck to safety, press and hold down the down directional key. To make your landing fancy and jaw dropping, do a roll. This is done by pressing the duck button while you are at a slanting platform or while you are landing. Oh! And one last thing, if you need to pause the game, just hit the space bar button and press it again to resume your game. That's about everything you need to keep in mind as far as controls go. Now let's have a closer look at the game...


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Fancy Pants Adventure Walkthrough

So you are on the hunt for fast paced and action packed adventure games that deliver PURE fun in every level in generous doses? Yeah? Well, you are in for a treat - Fancy Pants Adventure is just that! A platform adventure game created by Brad Borne, in Fancy Pants Adventure, you will play as the hip and nicely animated guy who wears a pair of fancy pants!

If you are someone who has played Sonic The Hedgehog before, you will notice that Fancy Pants Adventure is very identical to it... and I would say that they are equally exciting. I think there are niceties and elements that Fancy Pants Adventure has taken straight from Sonic The Hedgehog - the speed of the character (which is supernatural) as well as the secrets and bonuses that are always a little out of reach. You need to exert that extra effort and perhaps sweat a bit before you can lay your hands on them. And last BUT not the least, there are moments where you need to be at top speed and dash through to open levels and get past the hostile enemy units.

This is one of those adventure games that showcase different platforms - you will find springboards that will send you upwards. There are half pipes that run around coupled with oddly shaped hills that, when you run through them at top speed, will propel you to different directions. While there's this need to be fast and fancy in Fancy Pants Adventure, there are times in the game where slowing down helps A LOT. As I have mentioned earlier, there are A LOT of hidden areas, secrets, and bonuses. Unless you see them and take the time to explore them, your chances of finding these secrets are close to nothing.

As you move further into the world of Fancy Pants Adventure, you will encounter different items. You will find floating swirls that will refresh or restore your health a bit. When you collect 100 of these swirls, you gain an extra life (just like collecting 100 coins in the good and old Super Mario Bros.). As for the trophies, they are easily collected and you can view them from the game's main room. It's showcased by Armor games and you can easily check the info about the different trophies you can collect.

To wrap things up, Fancy Pants Adventure is one of those adventure games that is very complete and very polished as well. This is really impressive since there is only one world in the game. The stages or levels are nicely designed. They are very vast and open... and they are begging to be explored. That's exactly what n fast-paced and action-packed adventure game should have. There's something to discover at the oddest places so you don't want to leave a stone unturned when you are playing Fancy Pants Adventure. And the good thing is that there are no time limits! This allows you to explore the realm to your heart's delight and satisfy that adventurer in you.

As for the physics of the game, is very well done as well. The animation of the character is very smooth and flawless. While the animations are quite exaggerated, I really don't mind... especially when you consider that this allows you to pull off eye-popping stunts and acrobatics when Mr. Fancy Pants gets airborne. And lastly, the music and sound track fits the game like glove. There's nothing to hate about this game. Fans of adventure games; don't waste another minute! Dig in!