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In Exit Path, you will be spending most of your time running round and jumping from one platform to another using the standard W, A, S, and D keys. Alternatively, you can make your way through different screens and get past the challenges set before you using the arrow keys... though I find this a little awkward compared to the standard controls. Once you get the hand of running constantly in whatever direction, holding down that space bar or Shift button should be a piece of cake. Just in case you are unaware, this gives you incredible speed boost... which gives you enough momentum and acceleration to clear those HUGE gaps and get past those falling traps in one piece.


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Exit Path Walkthrough

Who says action games always need a gun or a sword? Sometimes, just running around, jumping from one platform to another, and getting to safety is just as exciting. If you are a HUGE fan of such action games, then most likely, you know John Cooney, who came to be known as jmtb02. 'This Is The Only Level' series, Obey The Game, The Next Floor - these are just some of his finest creations. And with Exit Path's release, John added another fine game under his name, coming at you with action that starts and never stops in this game that comes with single AND MULTIPLAYER action!

Just like the former masterpieces of jmtb02, Exit Path is one of those action games that are filled with achievements and awards (which is a nice way to give it excellent replay value). Each award is a new piece of flair... which allows you to customize your character and give it your personal touch. But don't worry: this one doesn't need 15 pieces to function and perform properly. Personality, however, is crucial. It's essential especially when you get into the Multiplayer mode. In this game mode, you only have assigned guest names. Only your customized character will keep you identifiable by others and distinct from the the large pool of gamers playing Exit Path. If, still, that doesn't sound too pleasant, here's a workaround: grab an Armor Games account and use your ID instead. In the Multiplayer mode, you get to race against other players. The winner takes home experience points and bragging rights while the loser gains nothing.

Spikes, lasers, and jaw dropping acrobatics - Exit Path oozes with all of these, and it comes at you screen after screen. While John has proven himself to be a very versatile game designer, his strength and his best works are those fast paced action games. And Exit Path, without a doubt, hits the mark! There's always the need to move quickly not just because of the time pressure. Rather, it's because of the need to build up a fast paced flow by keeping up a constant momentum. Along with that, there are other hard to reach collectibles coupled with challenges. These would get you thinking: should I take the plunge for it or not? Now, sometimes, there's the need to slow down to think and assess how you are going to get to the other side safely. BUT still, there's this overall sense of urgency.

All in all, Exit Path is an awesome game. It's very challenging BUT not impossible. Nah, this isn't one of those uber-difficult games that will only frustrate you over time. Aside from the game play, I really like the attention to details that John Cooney has put into it, and this created a futuristic atmosphere and feel. And lastly, there are only a couple of flash based games that get the multiplayer part correctly. Yeah, it's hard to pull off BUT, when jmtb02 is your name, it's doable. And he does it with Exit Path. Exciting, fast paced, comes with nice graphics and multiplayer mode - what more can you ask for?