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If you have played Drift Runners before, the sequel's control scheme should be familiar to you. For basic movement, you just have to use the arrow / cursor keys. HOWEVER, there are 2 additions in the control scheme: (1) as an alternative to the arrow keys, you can now use the W, A, S, and D keys for basic movement. And, I'm sure you will LOVE this, (2) the nitro button! The original Drift Runners game is fun and action-packed. BUT the addition of the nitro will surely make the sequel two times better. To get that sudden speed boost, just hit the X or space bar button and watch your car blaze through the track.


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Drift Runners 2 Walkthrough

Fans of the original Drift Runners game, rejoice! The long-awaited sequel is here! If you dig reckless driving, if you always day-dream about replacing Vin Diesel in The Fast And The Furious, if you want to drift on the road BUT can't, then let Drift Runners 2 take you a step or two closer to the experience. This has to be one of the BEST arcade racing games around where destruction and having fun is at the top of the priorities list!

Brought to you by Long Animals, Drift Runners 2 continues in the same tradition that the original game started. Instead of the usual 'finish first and bag MORE cash' objective, this game comes with objectives that put more emphasis on destroying whatever you encounter, rejoicing in the mayhem you created, and bagging tons of points for it. It's surprisingly deep too in the sense that you have to juggle different objectives finishing first place to unlock the next tracks and earning points (they don't come together in this game). Fun and deep don't blend well in flash games, BUT Long Animals created an exception in Drift Runners 2!

Played on an aerial perspective, Drift Runners 2 is not that difficult to play. Unlike other racing games that assume a first person view, you can see what's up ahead... allowing you to think and plan ahead. Whether there's another car coming up; a coin for you to collect; road twists and turns or whatever - you will have a little bit of leeway to react, which translates into better scores and MORE achievements earned.

Judging by the game's name, you will drift A LOT in this racing game. For starters, you mission in the first race is to drift throughout the track without hitting the walls. The more drifts you pull off, the more points and speed boost you earn. Chaining drifts allows you to earn score multipliers. Combine this with the road side ornaments and hazards that you can smash through and you are bound to have an afternoon of racing and drifting FUN. So what do you do with the points you earn? Simple! Just like in the original racing game in the series, you can grab new cars, buy upgrades, and unlock tracks with your points. And that means MORE and PURE doses of FUN!

Another feature that's missing from the first game, which is fortunately added here, is the Save Function. This ability of saving your progress as you move on from one race track to another lets you revisit your blooming racing career again and again. For the cocky fellas out there who think that saving is for sissies, trust me, you have to save your progress in this game. It comes with 25 tracks with one achievement for every track, and a corresponding bonus level, there are 50 race tracks all in all. You sure don't want to lose your progress because of a power fluctuation do you?

To top it all off, it comes with 10 different cars to choose from and 4 levels of upgrades... making this one of the BEST car racing games you could ever lay your hands on. Don't take my word for it. Give Drift Runners 2 a try and see what I am talking about.