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Even a toddler who knows how the keyboard works can play Drift Runners! For basic movement (acceleration, steering, etc.), just use the arrow keys. Oh! I just have to remind you one thing: there are no brakes. And it's precisely this omission that made Drift Runners VERY FUN to play. Let's check it out.


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Rip-roaring, wheel-screeching, and NO brakes - if that recipe for racing games sounds like fun to you, Drift Runners should be on your MUST-play list. Long Animals is one of the most popular game developers out there... and anything they release is worth taking a look including Drift Runners. With an over-head view, the goals in this game are far from common. If, on other racing games, you are expected to ramp up your speed and reach the finish line first, the objectives of this game put emphasis on destruction and having fun in the process.

The omission of brakes really complements this. When you are playing arcade racing games, you want it to be REALLY fast, explosive, and really fun. That's precisely what Drift Runner brings to the table. Getting started in the right direction is very easy. First off, pick your car of choice. Next, have it painted, pick a track, and you are ready for your first Drift Runners race. By the way, you only have one track available at first. You need to finish convincingly on the current track before you can move to the next one. Aside from having fun and destroying stuff around you, you also need to drift A LOT hence the name Drift Runners. Since this is an arcade game with little regard for physics and safety, you shouldn't worry the consequences of drifting too much.

Moving forward, there are 6 tracks available and, to make it even more challenging, there are different achievements and rewards waiting for you to bag them up. Finishing the first track is an excellent way to get started in the achievements race.

BUT, don't be too frustrated if you can't earn all of them in one sitting or session. It's just impossible to do that since many of them contradict each other. You can always come back to the previous tracks to pick up the achievements. Another reminder: this is still a race. Unlocking the other tracks require that you finish first. BUT that doesn't always translate to earning a truckload of points.

So how do you earn points? Destroy and be CRAZY! Jump; make your wheels screech as you drift; shatter those road hazards and ornaments; and those are just to name a few. Almost everything that you do in Drift Runners will reward you with points. BUT following traffic rules and being calm and peaceful in your driving doesn't count.

Aside from points, there are coins scattered all over the place as well. Collecting them gives you GREATER spending power. But what are you supposed to buy in Drift Runners? Upgrades. You don't want to let that bunch of cash sit there for a long time. Upgrade your car and beef it up between races. Doing so will allow turn your ride into a mayhem-spreading machine made of steel and wheels, and that translates to a better score.

Summing things up, Drift Runners is fun, action-packed, and explosive.. I don't know about you BUT, in my book, that sounds like a racing game that MUST-be played. And the nice-looking graphics PLUS cool sound effects made this game even better. By the way, the sound effects are timed perfectly, too. Well, enough talk. I still have a lot of drifting to do. Have FUN!