CycloManiacs 2

CycloManiacs 2 Instructions

W to accelerate, A/D to rotate left/right, S to brake, Space to jump


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CycloManiacs 2 Walkthrough

Cyclomaniacs 2 is the fun sequel to the hit original, in which the player joins a group of other cyclists to see who can not only finish first, but finish in style. The premise of the game is to earn cash by performing as many stunts as possible, while still placing decently in the overall standings.

This game improves on the original by offering many more riders to choose from and bringing a theme park style to the table. The player initially rides as the King, who appears to have failed in his career as an Elvis impersonator, but soon enough there will be more players to choose from, like a washed-up Viking peddling along in his Norse bike-boat-thing.

During the main race, of course make it a point to perform as many backflips or frontflips as possible, since these will rack up your cash earnings fast. If you're not feeling confident enough to perform a flip, you can do a Tick-Tack, which is essentially just rocking the bike back and forth in the air. This is safer than a flip, since you don't have the risk of landing on your head. On that note, by the way, make sure that you can actually pull off a stunt when you go for it, because if you don't make a decent landing (as in, you land on your head), you'll be taken back a little way, and possibly get booted all the way to last place.

On the straight parts of the course, always be doing a wheelie, since it doesn't hinder your speed at all, and you'll be able to earn points in between the jumps. When you make it to a jump, always be sure to hit the space bar at the lip of the jump, which will give you a lot of air to pull off a flip or two. Doing stunts will fill up the boost bar, and once you've done a few in a row, your back wheel will catch on fire and make you go a lot faster, giving you a chance to grab the lead. If you do lots of stunts, then you'll get a x2 or x3 multiplier on the boost meter, which will really send you flying down the track.

One of the main parts of the game is the upgrade system, which allows you to improve things like your acceleration ability, how fast you turn when doing flips, your overall speed, and more. Always be sure to get upgrades when you can (you can't spend your cash on anything else). In the beginning, focus mainly on upgrading your speed and the factors that let you do stunts easier, since those are the main ways that you'll earn more cash. Wait to upgrade your Boost or Minigames until you've leveled up the other abilities first.

Have fun snatching the lead from your opponents, but watch out for your head when doing flips!