Cursed Treasure

Cursed Treasure Instructions

Mouse operates everything, mouseover an element to find its hotkey.


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Cursed Treasure Walkthrough

While most tower defense games have you protecting yourself from the bad guys, in Cursed Treasure, you are defending yourself from the good guys who want to steal your precious gemstones and are willing to risk their lives to do it.

Cursed Treasure's goal is to protect the gems and keep them out of the hands of the good guys, this is done by building orcish dens, crypts, and demonic temples all of which have their own methods of attack and statistics.

The Orcish Dens fire arrows, and their upgraded versions can fire either lethal arrows or explosive arrows that do great damage to everything in an area. The crypts have a slow speed but high range and damage, the upgraded versions quickly replenish your mana, or they send the do-gooders running away with the fear of death. The temples lock on to a single target and begin to do damage over time rapidly, their upgraded versions do either heavy damage to everything near them, or put a radiance effect on the target to greatly reduce his defenses.

Towers in Cursed Treasure gain experience as they fire, with different towers gaining at different rates. Once they gain enough experience, sending some gold their way will upgrade them, and eventually be able to change them into a different type of tower with its own speciality which has been listed above.

Your enemies in Cursed Treasure are anything from peasants, bards, ninja, and knights. The typical fare of heroes all of which have something unique to them. Ninja become invisible for five seconds when hit, bards rapidly boost the speed of themselves and their comrades, knights reduce damage, and mages have a regenerating magical barrier, all of them hellbent on getting the gems.

As you play the stages, you gain experience. Each tower type has its own theme of upgrades, with fourty skillpoints to place in each one. Orc upgrades boost both the tower, and help you accumulate gold quickly. The Undead upgrades increase both your maximum mana and the rate that it increases, as well as boosting the Frenzy spell to absurd levels of power. The Demon upgrades boost experience across the board and improve the powerful meteor spell. Every level-up gives you three skillpoints, but they cannot be reset once placed so think carefully.

In the playing field, you have five large gems that everyone is trying to get. As the heroes show up, they will beeline straight for the gems and run home with them. If a hero is killed while holding a gem, he will drop it, but any other human can easily pick it up and run with it, meaning they slowly but surely succeed in getting what they want. Gems dropped do not return to the base unless you have the demon upgrade Return Portal.