Crush the Castle 2

Crush the Castle 2 Instructions

Click once to make the trebuchet start swinging, click again to let the ammo fly.


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Crush the Castle 2 Walkthrough

The Siege Master has been called to arms a second time as his King is completely dissatisfied with an entire country being taken over by a lone man armed with only a giant trebuchet and lots of really big rocks. Crush the Castle 2 has more castles, more interesting projectiles, and more depth than ever before, making the original pale in comparison.

Your goal in Crush the Castle 2 is the same as before, kill everyone in the castle by any means you can, logs, explosives, ton-weight boulders, jars of electric eels, there's something for every situation.

There are many new items in Crush the Castle you can hurl at the castles. Explosives with parachutes made from the bomber's wife's apron, and bombs you can stack up and wond explode until you give the say-so. Not enough? Progress far enough and you acquire fire potions that will set wood alight, spread to more wood, and burn enemies alive as the castle smoulders. Bottles of acid that eat through stone and spread downwards in a rain of green death and rot the inhabitants, eels that run an electric charge though metal for a very swift death directed at anyone standing on the circuit, ice bombs to allow for easy obliteration of any castle piece you want smashed to bits, and once you earn it, a void bottle that opens up a black hole for what is basically an instant victory no matter where the blasted thing lands.

As with Crush the Castle, more areas are unlocked as you crush the castles and their inhabitants, and each province cleared gets you more and more weapons to use against your enemies for a total of 15 in all. You can also get gold medals for crushing a castle in a limited number of shots and there are plenty of achievements for you to seek out.

The increased destruction of Crush the Castle 2 means that the physics will be pushed to further limits, with a single block catching fire tearing down an entire tower, or a well-placed vial completely destroying an entire building from the top-down leaving zero trace of your mastery of the siege weapon.