Crush the Castle

Crush the Castle Instructions

Use the mouse to get the trebuchet moving, click again to release the fury.


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Crush the Castle Walkthrough

You are the King's expert on laying siege to the enemy, armed with a massive trebuchet and eight different kinds of ammo. The goal is simple; bring the castle down and kill everyone inside. How do you do it? With a massive trebuchet with four different objects for sending the castle down.

Crush the Castle is a physics based game in which you have to knock down the castle using a limited amount of shots, and kill all the inhabitants inside. Simple enough to do, but as with all physics games, things can get a bit strange until you get used to the mechanics of the game.

Your weapons in Crush the Castle for loading the trebuchet are rocks of increasing size and explosives. You start with a single small rock at the beginning, but every few stages you advance through will unlock multiples of the rock, bigger rocks, multiples of those rocks, and bombs that explode on contact with anything not the earth. Each of these are more powerful than the last so the previous incarnations of the rocks quickly become obsolete.

The object of Crush the Castle is very simple, there are a number of guards, royalty, and nobility in the castle. They remain still for the most part, but are also very fragile. If a moving block or projectile hits the person, they die and are splattered with blood. Hitting the right parts of the castle with the right amount of force will often cause chain reactions that will have the entire castle come crashing down on top of your enemies who thought standing in such a fragile building while the greatest siege engineer in the land is setting up a 20ft high machine about 100 feet away.

Kill all the enemies, you advance to the next level. You only have five shots at a time on the trebuchet but this is far more than enough. It can take multiple attempts on some of the sturdier castles and some might get solved by sheer luck rather than skill, but that's physics games for you.