Counter Snipe

Counter Snipe Instructions

Mouse aims, left mouse button shoots, space zooms in.


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Counter Snipe Walkthrough

Engage in tense sniper duels in this arcade shooter. You are a lone sniper with a ton of ammo and a rifle with the range to kill a man barely half an inch to your vision. While zoomed in.

Counter Snipe is simple enough, find where the enemy sniper is, line up your sights, and shoot him dead in one round. The first three targets are shown to you, but after that you have to find them on your own. The sniper's gunfire gives them away for a brief second, with a rare chance of them hitting you.

Make sure to wear headphones, as the snipers are very, very small on the screen and are still small when you zoom in. Your rifle wobbles significantly based on where your mouse is, so take your time to line up a headshot. You have a limited amount of time to take out the targets, and get an additional 5 seconds if you nail them, 7 seconds for a headshot. It's likely it will take more than 5 seconds to kill each target so playing endlessly is reserved for experts.

Between stages, you can use the money you have accumulated from your missions to buy upgrades for your arsenal, including tripods to improve your aim and a thermal scope to further ease finding the targets.