Coinbox Hero

Coinbox Hero Instructions

Coinbox Hero is controlled by using the keyboard and the mouse. Use the left and right arrow keys (or A and D keys) to move left and right respectively. The up arrow key (or W key) is used to jump. Use the spacebar to access shops. Use the mouse to aim and click to use your weapon (if you have one equipped). You may pause the game by pressing the P key. The Q key is used to toggle quality.


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Coinbox Hero Walkthrough

Do you remember the boxes that release coins when you jump under them in the Super Mario games? Well, Coinbox Hero is an action game that focuses solely on one of those boxes. Coinbox Hero features neat sprite graphics, catchy polka-jazz background music, and various upgrades.

The objective of Coinbox Hero is to destroy the coinbox. In order to do this, you must save up enough money to buy a nuclear warhead, the only thing capable of destroying a coinbox. In the beginning of this action game, you will only be able to acquire coins by jumping under the box (similar to Super Mario games), then collecting the coins us they fall, but as you progress you will be able to buy weapons, enhanced abilities, and even workers to help you to reach your monetary goal!

To access an upgrade shop, simply press the spacebar while standing in front of that shop. The shop to the right is used to upgrade your character as well as your workers. In order to get a good production of coins, I advise you to buy workers as soon as you can. You may your workers to hit the box by jumping under it or using various weapons, as well as to collect coins. I advise you to order your first workers to hit the box while you collect the coins, but your goal in this adventure game should be to have at least four workers shooting the box with high-powered machine guns while you and two other workers collect coins.

The leftmost shop will open after you have purchased your first worker from the first shop. From here, you may increase the number of coins allowed on the screen, which allows you and your workers to collect more coins in a shorter period of time. Once you have saved up one million dollars, you may also buy the tactical nuke from this shop to win Coinbox Hero!

Later in the game, Coinbox Hero might have a lot of coins flying on the screen at once. This can cause the game to have major slowdown on older computers, so you may want to toggle the graphical quality by pressing the Q key if you experience slowdown.

Coinbox Hero does not offer a ton of action for an action game, but it has a great sense of humor and charm that we have come to expect from the developer, jmtb02. Coinbox Hero does not offer monsters to slay or princesses to rescue, it is a surprisingly addictive action game!