Coaster Racer 2

Coaster Racer 2 Instructions

The control scheme of Coaster Racer 2 is as standard as it could get. Just like other racing games out there, the basic movement is through the arrow keys. If you find that too awkward, you can always switch to the alternative keys W, A, S, and D. Personally, I would prefer the latter. Moving forward, if you need that GREAT speed boost that will leave your opponents in dust, just press the F button and watch your surroundings go blurry as you race through. And last BUT not the least, press the G button to do a freestyle and rack up more points. Now that the basic controls are taken care of, let's check out the game.


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Coaster Racer 2 Walkthrough

Want to fill your day with exciting races from start to finish? If that's how you roll and have fun, Coaster Racer is yours for the taking! It will inject you with pure doses of racing fun and excitement from start to finish. If you have played the first installment of this racing game series, you will surely LOVE of the added niceties this game brings!

Just like other racing games out there, the objective of Coaster Racer is to get to the finish line and bag the first place, grab as much cash as you can, and make the most out of it. It sounds simple, BUT getting there is easier said than done. Trust me, the race tracks have been built from the ground up to force you flirt with disaster. Many of the race tracks are made with wobbling logs and pieces of wood and, to top it off, they are suspended in mid air! PLUS, many parts of the race track lack a protective fence. A slight slip would mean taking an untimely dive for the sea below!

But don't worry. It's not the end of the world... but it could mean the end of your dreams of grabbing the first place in that race. While the game would automatically bring you back to the race track, your chances of finishing first will be non-existent. It's almost impossible. Well, if you are miles ahead of the competition, then maybe... maybe all is not lost. But I doubt that's going to happen. The racers in this game are REALLY good and won't allow you to create a nearly insurmountable advantage.

Resources At Your Disposal:

It may sound like everything is tipped against you. BUT no, you have a couple of resources that will allow you to turn the tide and come out victorious. First off, there's the nitro. Check the nitro bat (upper left portion of the screen) and if it's all filled up, you can use it by pressing the F button. The speed boost is only temporary... BUT it's awesome! However, you should remember that your opponents also have the same 'tools of trade'.

That said, it all comes down to timing. Now, I'm not an expert in car or racing games. HOWEVER, common sense and experience tells me that driving through a straight path is the BEST way to use nitro. I would strongly advise you against using it on zigzagging parts of the race track... on portions where there are no protective fences to prevent you from falling. Doing so could lead to disaster instead. Your nitro is powerful... BUT it has to be used wisely.

Moving forward, for the daredevils out there who want not just to flirt with disaster BUT get up-close and personal with it, here's something to whet your appetite for danger: freestyle driving. Press G on your keyboard and watch your driver let go of the wheels. It's not just fun... it also translates to MORE points in the score board. Remember, you cannot steer when freestyling and it could mean disaster or fun. Hopefully the latter.

Anyway, that's about everything you need to know. Go ahead and play this racing game to see what I'm talking about.