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If you've played racing games before, the control scheme of Coaster Racer should be very easy to handle. For basic movement, you have to use the good and old arrow keys. If that feels a little awkward, you can always use the alternative keys W, A, S, and D. If you find yourself lagging behind and about to lose the race, you can always use the Nitro to turn the tide in your favor. Just press the N or X keys to get the job done. Be reminded, however, that it takes some time for your Nitro to fully recharge. On the other hand, if you are having the time of your life in the race, you can always let go of the wheels and do a Freestyle by hitting the M or Z button. Aside from being exciting, performing a freestyle also adds more points to your score. Just keep in mind that doing a freestyle also means you cannot steer!


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Smooth and easy to pick up control scheme; showcases the BEST visuals and designs that flash technology can offer - if you are looking for racing games that top in these departments, then you are on the RIGHT page. Coaster Racer is the racing game you are looking for. One of the things that I REALLY love about this game is that you get that sense of speed while blazing through the race track... while at the safety of your computer desk! To start off, you get those blur effects when you step on the nitro button, which does an excellent job of enhancing the experience.

The game is rich in detail and color, BUT this racing game isn't just about visual effects! For the seasoned pros in virtual racing games, you'd be happy to discover that A LOT of the race tracks in this game can get really tricky. Even veterans will find it challenging. If you fall off the track or hit the sides, and often you will if you are just starting out in racing games, trust me... it will be quite impossible to catch up. You will be left coughing on the smoke and dust of other racers that pass you by at lightning speed. However, beginning players shouldn't be discouraged.

As with any game, it takes time and practice. With a little bit of both, you should be able to predict the when you need to hit the brakes or just let your nitro get the job done. You will fall off of the track a lot. You will have your share of abysmal racing finishes. BUT it's all part of the game. If anything, that should challenge you to give it a better shot next time around.

The objective of the game is as straightforward as it could get: race with AI-driven racers and aim for the pole position. The tracks are locked and finishing in a qualifying position is your only key to unlocking them.

Upgrades have become a stable part of today's racing games. In Coaster Racer, they play a very crucial role. The cash you earn shouldn't be left sitting there. Hey, nudge, nudge... you are not playing for real money here so better use it for upgrades. With the right tweaks, your ordinary racing car could be transformed into a fire-breathing speed demon! With it, you can win more races, earn more cash, buy more upgrades, rinse and repeat until you rule the world of Coaster Racer.

By the way, don't forget that, after races, your mechanical, 4-wheeled buddy would need some 'medical attention'. Damaged vehicles will earn less depending on how much spanking it sustained. Also, it will perform substantially worse so don't forget to repair your ride and keep it in tip-top condition.

Well, enough reading. Playing the game is MUCH more fun! Go!