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The controls vary on how you want them to be. You can change them on the settings section. HOWEVER, using the default controls isn't all that bad. There's the standard set for solo players: use the arrow keys (up button to jump, and left and right keys for moving towards those directions), press down to activate your unit's shield. On the other hand, the Z and X buttons are for attacking. You can use either your hands or feet to do the talking... or better yet, do the demolition job. Once you are used to the basic controls and know them like the back of your hand, it's time to perform advanced maneuvers and acrobatics - some are evasive while others are for offense. You can check them with the in game help screens. Lastly, for picking up weapons, it's as easy as pie: walk into them, and use the attack buttons to use them.


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Chaos Faction 2 Walkthrough

If you think the up and coming movie Cowboys And Aliens is odd, then think about this: what about sword wielding knights going up against fully armored robots? Or, what about UFOs exchanging blows and nukes against Vampires? Unlikely. Crazy indeed. And if that is your cup of tea, if you are longing for some of weirdest BUT most awesome match ups that will surely satisfy that child in you, Chaos Faction 2 - one of the latest action games from Dissolute Productions, is yours for the taking!

This action game has a lot to show for. There's quite a lot to see. True, the single player can be finished in one sitting. You can trounce it in an hour or so... depending on our skill level. And I do recommend sticking at the Campaign / Single Player mode as long as you can. After all, this is the part where you get to unlock those character parts and gears that make you a force to be reckoned with. These items, special weapons, and characters are then carried over to the Deathmatch Mode. In this game mode, you can challenge a friend to a single combat. Want to make things interesting and action packed? NO biggie! You can always toss in AI players with your buddies. From there, you can create teams, set time limits, and those are just to name a few. When it comes to awesomeness, Chaos Faction 2 can only be rivaled by a handful of other action games.

The only trouble that I can see is that, sometimes, the action can be a little too much. How excessive could it get? Well, there are times when you will be knocked off the stage and you won't have even the slightest idea why. When it comes to melee combat, it usually comes down to mashing. You can also see that Chaos Faction 2 draws inspiration from Super Smash Bro. BUT there are some jarring changes made. For example, you can jump through platforms BUT you cannot down down through them. This is just one of the factors why navigating through a certain arena can be a tedious endeavor.

That said, HOWEVER, this shouldn't be a HUGE issue. After all, this action game isn't about creating a balanced fighting game... one where the outcome is always fair. Right from the onset, it should be clear that this game is all about awesome shooting and fighting fun. The hell with balances! Right at the heart of it lies an awesome engine that allows polar bears to throw shurikens to pirates who are armed with flamethrowers. Balanced? No. Fun? HELL YES! The zany atmosphere of the game also blends well with the other elements like the game's cartoonish characters and animation. Summing things up, this is a game that's awesome no matter from which angle you look at it. So what are you waiting for? Stop reading and get those fun and unlikely match ups rolling!