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Chaos Faction Instructions

For most of the time, you run around and fight off enemies in Chaos Faction using your keyboard especially the arrow keys for basic movement: (1) Press the up arrow key to jump. (2) To move forward or to the right, hit the right arrow key and hold it down. (3) The left arrow key, on the other hand, moves your character to the left. (3) Pressing the down arrow key activates your unit's shield. For attacking, press Z for Attack 1 and X for Attack 2. If you need to pause the game for whatever reason, just hit the Space Bar button and press it again to resume the game. By the way, these are the Default Controls. If, however, you find it uncomfortable or awkward, you can easily change them by going to the Settings Menu and change it from there.


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Chaos Faction Walkthrough

A side scrolling action game filled with fun looking and cartoonish characters shooting each other down, Chaos Faction is a game that is at par with other futuristic shooters and action games like Armor Mayhem. As for variety, this game has a LOT to offer. Showcasing 3 game modes, Chaos Faction will inject you with PURE doses of fun and action: (1) Campaign - Where you need to face bosses of different levels to unlock extra levels, secret characters, and more powerful weapons. (2) Deathmatch - This allows you to create custom game rules and settings with your own settings. (3) Survival - Here, you need to defeat as enemies as you can... score as high as possible and submit your score to the leader boards.

If you are just starting out, I would recommend starting and spending most of your time in Campaign Mode. This is where a bulk of your additional weapons and upgrades would come from. When you complete an Arena in Campaign Mode, you get to unlock the special character as well as special weapon that you can use for the rest of the game. The Arenas are split into 3 difficulty levels: we have the easy level, medium, and hard. The difficulty is based mostly on the fighting capabilities of your enemies as well as the design of the terrain. After completing the 4 default arenas of a certain level, you get to unlock the secret arena for it... which means you get more special characters and MORE secret weapons. The very last level can only be unlocked by completing all of them.

Once you have mastered the basic movements like the back of your hand, you need to pull off some advanced tricks and combos while you are in mid air. Tapping the up key while you are in mid air gives you a boost. On the other hand, you can perform a Stomp, which also deals damage, by pressing or tapping the down key. Punch upwards by tapping Z and pull off a backflip kick by tapping X. Keep in mind, however, that these controls change if you change the default keys at the settings.

When it comes to weapons, this is one of those games that is oozing with all sorts of guns and more. All in all, there are 29 different weapons for you to pick up and they are found in crates that randomly appear in the game. To pick up a weapon, all you have to do is run into it and you can use it with the attack keys. Most of the weapons in Chaos Faction perform different attacks for the Z and X buttons. Along with that, there are 6 different in game power ups which can help you change the tide of a battle. There are power ups that increase your health by 50 percent, one that increases your jump, power ups that give you extra life, and those are just to name a few. As far as variety and replay value goes, Chaos Faction has a lot to offer. This is an action game you should check out!