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Right after naming your hero, you get to move your character throughout the island using the arrow keys or the W, A, S, and D buttons. As for interacting with whatever it is in your environment, there's the space bar button. This does a couple of things: it can attack enemies; you can pick up and use items; chat with golem-like shop keepers, quest givers, and other NPC's. Once you have learned some cool skills, you can easily drag them to the quick bar button which allows you to activate them using the number keys 1 to 6. As for navigating through the different game menus like your inventory, stats, and skills (which are useful for powering up your character as he gains levels), you just need to use your mouse.


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Castaway 2 Walkthrough

A sequel to Castaway, Castaway 2 is one hell of an addictive and action packed RPG and adventure game hybrid that offers A LOT of hacking, slashing, and some island-bound amnesia. Have you ever walked into a room only to forget why you are in there in the first place? That's what happens here in Castaway 2... except that it happened on a MUCH larger scale - in an island that is filled with talking statues and Technicolor monsters.

While it has an optional Premium Content, there is A LOT of stuff to do and explore in Castaway 2 even without it. Aside from the usual RPG and adventure game play of hacking and slashing monsters; collecting the loots of the battle; leveling up and the like, the game also showcases a GREAT deal of exploration. There are A LOT of helpful pets to collect, and there are different items that you can craft. Speaking of pets, these are monsters, friendly ones I should add, that are hatched from eggs. These eggs are scattered all over the island. As for crafting different items, it involves collecting raw materials from monsters, different shops, and the environment itself. Once you have collected enough of them, you can combine them and make something useful out of the concoction.

YES, there's A LOT of stuff going on in Castaway 2, it's really nice and helpful that the in-game tutorials are clear cut and not confusing. You need to collect resources, kill monsters that get in the way, gain level and dough in the process, and of course, you need to figure out why you are in the Titan's Island in the first place.

So how much will you like Castaway 2? Well, that largely depends on how much you like hacking and slashing adventure games. If you are playing a game for its story and depth, Castaway 2 doesn't have much to offer. While there are enemy units where you need to position yourself strategically and use some skill to defeat it effectively, the game play overall is NOT really complex. HOWEVER, if you are looking for adventure games that are REALLY addictive, Castaway 2 is hard to beat!

Just about everything in the game is enticing - the soundtrack is really inviting; the graphics and design are very colorful, pleasant, and detailed; and even the monsters are fun to look at and cute... so cute I was quite hesitant to dispatch them at times. PLUS, with the amount of missions and quests you need to do (which ranges from killing monsters, finding items, combining them to create something, etc.), you wouldn't want to do something else. It's one of those RPG and adventure games that tells you that you need to stop soon... you just need to find another iron ingot so you can create the Magical Monster of blah blah. BUT just when you are about to stop, you see a gate. Where does that lead to? Before you know it, you just started another quest. Again you are telling yourself you are about to stop until another thing catches you curiosity and you start another quest without hesitation. It's a vicious cycle... it's fun and it's addictive!

Unless you are a REALLY disciplined man, you will find it hard to stop playing Castaway 2 once you get the ball rolling.

If you are a HUGE fan of the original Castaway game, you are in for a treat. You will find a lot of the elements that made the previous game a HUGE hit coupled with a lot of improvements. The rather confusing and isometric map has been replaced by one that has a more straightforward grid... one that works better with keyboard controls.

And here's the BIGGEST improvement: the game now has an auto save feature. You don't have to worry about going back to town each time you want to save your progress when you are about to dive into a dangerous battle. While just like the previous game, Castaway 2 involves a lot of grinding, the steeper power curve does a good job of moving you along the story. The crafting missions also add nice variety to killing monsters non-stop.

True, Castaway 2 isn't the deepest adventure game around. BUT for fans of the genre, this is perfect for casual gaming.