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The control scheme of most adventure games are straightforward and easy and Castaway is NOT an exception. For basic movement, you can use their your keyboard's cursor keys or you can use the W, A, S, and D buttons which I'm more comfortable with. As for interacting with items and NPC's, you just need to click on them. What sort of interaction am I talking about? Well, it can be anything - picking something or sinking a sharp object into someone's face. Enough with the controls, let's have a closer look at the game!


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Castaway Walkthrough

"Just sit right back and you'll hear a tale, a tale of a fateful trip" - this is the intro of Likwid's isometric RPG and adventure game - Castaway. It starts off when a tow-headed guy was washed up on a shore of a tropical island. Things don't look any special or alarming until you realize that this island has some very hostile inhabitants - legions of nasty creatures that can spring up an attack you; a village that is filled with troubles; and a green-eyed thingy who decided to follow you around. To get things rolling, just pick a name for your character and you are good to go.

So you are into hack-and-slash adventure games? Want all the enemies you can handle and keep your hands full? NO BIGGIE! Castaway has it. Fighting enemies in this game gives you experience points and treasure just like in other RPG style adventure games. You have to spend a lot of time getting levels so you don't get blown and destroyed when you move into a new area that is filled with stronger and nastier monsters and enemies.

If you hate going at it alone, then the pet that fights by your side will surely make it easier for you. Aside from battling with you, your buddy also gains levels just like you. Speaking of pets, you will find eggs that are dropped by monsters. You can bring it back to town and wait for it to hatch... giving you new and more powerful pets to join forces with you.

While the game play is nice and easy to pick up and the graphics is topnotch, Castaway has one HUGE problem - there is no Auto Save feature in the game. That means you need to come back to town to save the game. When you die in the field, it's game over brother. Whatever progress you have made or points you have earned, all of them will be lost. I wouldn't be surprised if you would end up hurling your monitor or smashing your keyboard after dying.

Another thing that I don't like about this addictive game is that there's no end or no final boss to battle. There are no conclusions whatsoever. You may say that this is natural since you are stuck or stranded in an island. That's logical, BUT for all of the grinding and hard work you put into gaining levels and money, the end part of the game really needs to be improved. Making it a bit more rewarding won't harm its reputation I'm sure.

Also, there are a couple of bugs in the game - easy cash, ice shards, minus damage due to fire elemental at the lost magma area, and those are just to name a few. BUT I believe the developer is patching things up to make sure these bugs don't see daylight again. Castaway is awesomely detailed, especially in the graphics department. I just thought that they would have put more attention in these little details. No worries, though. One can always hope a better and BIGGER sequel will be unleashed... which is very common in adventure games.

Oh! And one last tip for the developer: if you are going to make a text scroll slowly, then when the player clicks next, make it jump to the next wall of text. Clicking Next in Castaway closes the whole thing which is kind of annoying since it means you have missed everything or you need to wait for another bunch of text. Either way, it's just annoying.

If you are one of those players who don't have the patience to sit down and spend a lot of time gaining levels and bagging cash, you might be bored with what Castaway showcases. HOWEVER, for fans of hack-and-slash and level-up adventure games, you will surely like Castaway.