Bubble Spinner 2

Bubble Spinner 2 Instructions

Bubble Spinner is controlled by using the mouse. Aim by moving you mouse, and shoot by clicking the left mouse button.


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Bubble Spinner 2 Walkthrough

Bubble Spinner 2 is the sequel to the highly-successful Bubble Shooter. It is very similar to the first game, so similar, that it uses the same sound effects and music! Do not fret, because this also means that the same addicting gameplay and charm of the first is also present in this puzzle game.

The objective of Bubble Spinner 2 is the same as its precursor: remove all of the bubbles from the field by matching three or more bubbles of the same color. The player shoots bubbles from the top of the field at a rotatable platform of bubbles. The platform will rotate depending on the direction in which it is impacted. The bubbles must be cleared before they reach any edge of the screen. If you the player shoots bubbles without matching any, more bubbles will be added to the platform after a number of shots. The number of shots remaining before more bubbles are added is indicated by the number of gray bubbles displayed in the lower-left corner of the screen.

If you have played the first Bubble Spinner, you will realize that Bubble Spinner 2 is much easier in the beginning. In the first game of the series, it was very difficult to complete the first field; in this game, the first field features fewer colors, and is thus easier to complete. This will allow you to easily increase your score, since the second field gives a double score multiplier.

Some of the same tricks that were used in the original Bubble Shooter may be used in this sequel. Bubbles may be ricocheted off of the edges of the screen to perform bank shots. Keep in mind that the screen is not as wide as it is tall; meaning that while a bubble might not contact a wall lengthwise, if the platform rotates it might end up contacting a wall width-wise, costing you the game.

Overall, Bubble Spinner 2 adds slightly-improved graphics, and an easier learning curve to a winning puzzle game formula. If you enjoyed the first Bubble Spinner, and want to try a more-forgiving version of the puzzle game, then give Bubble Spinner 2 a whirl (pun intended)!