Blosics 2

Blosics 2 Instructions

Blosics 2 is controlled by using the mouse and keyboard. Use your mouse to select the size of ball that you wish to shoot. Click the left mouse button to create a ball. Drag your mouse to aim and power your shot. Press spacebar to cancel your shot. The F key freezes blocks, if you have unlocked the Freeze Button. The D key causes Disintegrator Balls to explode. Finally, the E key lights Remote Explosive Balls.


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Blosics 2 Walkthrough

Blosics 2 is the sequel to 2009's Blosics. Blosics 2 captures the charm of its predecessor, but adds more impressive graphics and visual effects, smoother animation, and a soothing musical soundtrack.

Blosics 2 is a puzzle game that takes the additive gameplay of its forerunner, but it's not just a simple clone of the first Blosics! Blosics 2 features thirty new levels (each with their own unique challenges!), six unlockable ball types, and even a level editor that allows you to create your own levels!

One nice feature that was added to Blosics 2 is the ability to select the type and size of ball that you would like to shoot rather than holding down the mouse button to increase its mass. This allows the game to progress faster than the first Blosics, and also gives you more precise control. Remember, that shooting still reduces your score based on the value of the ball that you have selected!

Blosics 2 adds more physics game elements as well. Not only must you account for mass, acceleration, and friction, you must also carefully use explosive forces, timing, and even gravity wells! These additions add a new strategy element to this puzzle game, and they are just plain fun.

Blasting through each level with high powered shots will not always be rewarded in Blosics 2. A careful, well-thought approach will typically be more effective in this puzzle game, especially if you plan to complete level's challenge. I found myself having to restart levels multiple times and rethink my strategy to unlock challenges. Don't be afraid to come back and retry levels that you have beaten to complete its challenge. You can replay any level that you have previously completed by clicking menu at any time in the game.

Blosics 2, like its predecessor Blosics, is tons of fun for puzzle game and physics game fans. The soothing soundtrack, simple gameplay, and peaceful visuals will give casual gamers a fun experience as well. Finally, hardcore gamers may strive to complete every challenge, create their own levels, and unlock every item. Blosics 2 has something for everyone!