Blosics Instructions

Blosics is controlled by using the mouse and keyboard. Click the left mouse button to create a ball; the longer you hold the mouse button, the more massive the ball will be. Drag your mouse to aim and power your shot. Press spacebar to cancel your shot.


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Blosics Walkthrough

Blosics is an addicting physics puzzle game. The game features simple graphics and minimal sound effects, but maximizes on gameplay.

The objective of Blosics is to knock blocks off of the stage to score points by generating and shooting balls at structures built by blocks. This is a simple concept, but can provide quite a challenge. Green blocks are knocked off of the stage to earn points, but knocking red blocks off of the stage will reduce your score. Shooting balls also costs you points, depending on the mass of the ball that you create. Each level has a goal that must be reached in order to proceed to the next. There are ten levels in all.

The initial levels of Blosics are quite simple, and can be beaten by simply creating a massive ball and aiming for the base of each structure. Later levels may prove more difficult, requiring you to bank your shot, avoid knocking over red blocks, finely-tune the mass, power, and direction of your shot to ensure maximum damage. Having the proper balance of shot mass and power are important. Some levels call for using massive shots, while other levels may be beaten easily by using multiple, small shots. A small, quick shot can sometimes be as effective as a slower, more-massive ball. Remember the basic formula, that force is equal to mass times acceleration!

Blosics also features three different types of platforms that will effect the outcome of your shots. Stone platforms provide the most friction, while ice surfaces are frictionless. Objects will bound off of rubber platforms. The addition of friction, along with the force of gravity, and inertia make this a true physics game.

Blosics offers tons of fun for fans of the physics game and puzzle game genres. Casual gamers will also enjoy the game because of its simple control scheme, and calm gameplay.