Bloons Tower Defense 4

Bloons Tower Defense 4 Instructions

Mouse for all operations, with keyboard hotkeys.


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Bloons Tower Defense 4 Walkthrough

Bloons Tower Defense 4 is the fourth installment of the popular Bloons Tower Defense series, and brings a whole lot more to the table this time around. Among the additions and new features, you'll find a new ranking system, which introduces the various towers as you increase your rank (by popping more bloons), instead of having them all available from the beginning. You'll start off with the basic dart towers, then move on to the tack shooter and other tower types as you progress through the game.

Many of the tower types have been brought from previous games, but there are some new ones to note. The new towers include the Buckaneer, which fires at bloons from the watery areas of the map where you normally wouldn't be able to place a tower. There's also a Monkey Ace, which patrols the sky above the track, and doesn't take up any room on the ground. You'll also enjoy the Mortar tower, which can be placed out of the way in a corner of the map somewhere, and fire on selected area you select from a distance. The Wizard tower will shoot magic balls, fire, and when upgraded, can even blow bloons back a certain distance on the track. This is very useful near the end of the track, where things can get stressful! One of the most useful new towers is the Banana Farm, which can be placed out of the way on the map somewhere, and automatically generates additional money every round. They can really add a whole lot of money once they're upgraded!

Along with the new towers, you'll find familiar ones like the basic dart tower, tack shooter, cannon, ice tower, Super Monkey, and others. The upgrade system has been revamped in Bloons Tower Defense 4: instead of choosing which upgrade you want from a couple of choices, you must purchase each one after the other in a sequence. The upgrades have been improved in the fourth installment. For example, if you have loads of cash and upgrade a Super Monkey all the way, you will have a sun god that shoots a continuous ray of sun power at the bloons. And you thought that a hyperactive steroid-injected dart-slinging monkey was good enough!

As with the previous versions of Bloons Tower Defense, it's always a good idea to upgrade your existing units whenever possible, instead of buying new ones that haven't been upgraded. You'll find that a handful of upgraded towers is much more effective than a large group of weak ones. Set up your improves forces in a kill box area, and you'll mow down those bloons in no time.

Cannon towers have been beefed up in this version, so use them liberally and be sure to upgrade them all the way. They'll be able to dispose of anything except for black bloons. For those, just set up a few dart- or spike-shooting towers nearby to pop the black ones, and then let the cannons do the rest.