Bloons Tower Defense 3

Bloons Tower Defense 3 Instructions

Mouse for all operations.


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Bloons Tower Defense 3 Walkthrough

Bloons Tower Defense 3 is the third installment of the classic Bloons Tower Defense game, which was itself an off-shoot of the original Bloons game, which involved a monkey on a mission to pop any and all balloons in his path. In this game, you'll be dispatching monkey agents to pop the invading balloon forces, through a variety of means with a wide range of weapons.

The various types of towers are as follows:

Dart tower: Your basic defense against balloons, this brave monkey armed with unlimited darts will throw them at anything in his path. Medium rate of fire and has a good range, but is limited to targeting one bloon at a time.

Tack shooter: Shoots 8 darts in a circle around it, popping anything nearby. Has a slower rate of fire and a shorter range than the dart tower, but is useful in popping many bloons at once.

Boomerang: This tower positions a monkey with a boomerang, which he throws in a circular path in front of him. The boomerang continues through any bloons in its path. While it has a decent rate of fire and can hit multiple targets, the circular path of the boomerang makes it difficult to position correctly.

Spike-o-pult: This tower shoots a bomb made of darts into the fray, popping anything in the blast radius. It can be upgraded to throw more than one spike at a time, as well as have increased rate of fire. Somewhat effective against multiple targets, but is outdone in the long run by the cannon.

Cannon: This behemoth will launch a bomb that pops all but the black bloons. It has a good rate of fire, long range, and when upgraded, boasts a huge blast radius. It's the only tower than can pop metal bloons. Deadly when grouped together.

Ice ball: Freezes bloons in its path, stopping them in their tracks for a short period. While frozen, bloons can't be popped by anything that utilizes darts or spikes, but can be blown up by bombs. Can hold bloons still for quite awhile after being upgraded, and is especially useful with a few bomb towers nearby.

Monkey beacon: Upgrades the range and attack speed of anything within its range, and allows you to call in super monkey strikes.

Super monkey: A regular dart tower on steroids, this monkey throws darts at an amazing speed, which is matched only by its fantastic range. Can wipe out bloons in no time.

Road spikes, monkey glue, pineapples: These temporary obstructions will only last for the current round, or until their usefulness is over. Should be used sparingly, since they don't last from round to round.

In terms of strategy, it's a very good idea to set up "kill zones," in which you stack up a load of towers in one spot. Position tack shooters on corners to make them as useful as possible, and be sure to position the rest of your towers in a spot where they can shoot at more than one path at once, so that any bloon that slips by the first time will surely be popped the second time around.