Base Jumping

Base Jumping Instructions

Base Jumping is controlled by using the keyboard. Press the spacebar to jump after getting the signal to go. Press the spacebar while in the air to deploy your parachute.


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Base Jumping Walkthrough

Base Jumping is a sports game that puts you in the roll of an extreme sports competitor. This action game features cool music, cute graphics, and simple controls.

The objective of Base Jumping is to become the king of extreme sports by beating the present king. You must earn first place in five leagues of three rounds each before challenging the king himself. If you fail to finish a league in first place, you must challenge that league again from the first round. You you finish a league in first place, you will move on to the next league. If you do not survive your jump, however, you will die and have to start this action game from its beginning.

In each round of Base Jumping, competitors earn points and coins for placing first, second, or third in their race to hit the ground. First place rewards ten points and one hundred coins, second place rewards seven points and seventy-five coins, and third place rewards four points and fifty coins. At the end of each league, you may buy medikits with the coins that you earned to replenish your health.

In order to win leagues in Base Jumping, you will have to time your jumps just right. After the word "GO" appears on your screen, press the spacebar to jump. If you start before the word "GO" appears, you will be disqualified from that round. Once you have jumped, press the spacebar again to open your parachute. The parachute breaks your fall and reduces the damage that you take from hitting the ground. If you open your parachute too soon, you will lose the round because your descent will be too slow; open it too late, and you will die from hitting the ground too fast!

Remember that you do not have to win each round of Base Jumping to beat the league; you only have to have the highest score (or be tired with the highest score) at the end of three rounds. For this reason, it might be a good idea to sacrifice first place in order to maintain your health in this action game. Consistently coming in second place can still win the league at times, and you're more-likely to keep yourself intact.

Base Jumping is a very challenging action game that may take multiple tries to beat. This sports game seems to have a save game feature, but I was unable to access it, so sadly, I had to start from the beginning of the game each time that I died. Despite this minor flaw, Base Jumping is still an addicting action game that provides solid entertainment!