Armor Mayhem

Armor Mayhem Instructions

You need both your keyboard and mouse to play Armor Mayhem: for basic movement, use the W, A, S, and D keys to direct your marines through different landscapes. The mouse, on the other hand, is for taking out enemies - move your mouse and point, then press the left click button to fire. There are a couple of Teleporters and Jump Points scattered all over the place. Use these to quick transport your units around the level. Aside from your standard gun, there are truckloads of other weapons out there... all of them waiting to be picked up and for their trigger to be pulled. To pick up a weapon, hit the S button. To switch back to your standard weapon, just hit the Q key. By the way, hitting your enemies will eventually fill your bullet time adrenaline meter. Once it is full and the time is right, you can activate it by holding down the space bar. OK, now that we are done with the controls, let's check out the game.


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Armor Mayhem Walkthrough

Futuristic action games filled with gun shooting action - who wouldn't love these kind of games? Created by Loussi, Armor Mayhem is, without a doubt, an excellent addition to the genre which you will surely love. In this action shooter, you are in a futuristic world where our planet is out of energy. Bad news! In light of that, major energy corporations send out teams of marines in search for a new and reliable energy source. When they discovered a planet oozing with Unobtanium (READ: energy source), a war is inevitable. The marines land and blast each other in an effort to take over the planet and its resources. The plot isn't too deep or sophisticated as you can see. HOWEVER, what it lacks in the depth department, Armor Mayhem more than made it up with the fast paced action it provides.

This is one of those futuristic shooters and action games that come with several and familiar game modes and objectives: there's the Single Player Mode, Team Deathmatch, Capture The Data Sphere, Territory Control, and the not so common Overdrive. This gives the game excellent variety and replay value. Oh, before I forget, you can use the E key to give your team mates some basic commands. Winning levels will unlock more maps as well as cash. You can use the 'dough' to grab new weapons and on cosmetic upgrades.

If you have played Halo and Chaos Faction - another popular action game, you will notice the striking similarities between these games. Armor Mayhem is more of a combination of both. If you love Halo or Chaos Faction or both, you will surely like Armor Mayhem. The levels' design have been nicely done. The game modes make it exciting each time you play. And, as for the difficulty levels, it's pretty challenging BUT not to the point that they are brutal and it gets frustrating. You will get the feeling that each battle is hard fought BUT won in the end. The art style: I really dig this part. It's jam packed with jutting angles, the colors are solid, which is way better, in my opinion, than those attempts for ultra realistic art work found in action games of the same theme. The graphics are imposing BUT not too gritty. It's still simple enough BUT not too cartoonish.

Now, don't think that Armor Mayhem is perfect. There are minor caveats and I could name a few: (1) you need to finish the campaign mission before you can unlock all of the levels for custom battles. (2) The weapon-pickups are so tiny it's hard to figure out what you are picking up. (3) AI players are better off doing their own thing than receiving commands. (4) Lastly, this game is quite processor intensive. All in all, HOWEVER, the niceties outweigh the caveats.