Age of War 2

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Mouse controls the menus.


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Age of War 2 Walkthrough

Sequel to the original Age of War. Age of War 2 features more ages, more depth, more upgrades, and more options than its previous incarnation.

You begin as rock-throwing cavemen smashing each other with sticks and rocks, and upgrade to Spartans who wield the might of Zeus, the Egyptians who can call down fire and brimstone, European middle ages with a King who has his finger on the "To Hell With It!" button at all times, a modern era filled with grenades, tanks, and gatling guns, and the distant future which gives us mecha and super soldiers to play with.

As with the previous, you are fighting an epic battle on a scale of countless generations between two factions a stone's throw away from each other. There are many differences to this version that need to be pointed out. Firstly, even though you get more uses of your special attack, it costs experience, meaning the more you rely on it, the further back you will fall behind your enemy as they get better and better units, sometimes making it two ages ahead of you.

Gold and experience is earned by killing enemy units, and is spent on tower upgrades, units, and unit upgrades. Unlike the previous however, turrets are not required to win the game but they do help a ton.

A second major change is the introduction of upgrades. At the top-right of the screen you can upgrade entire categories of units as a whole, giving them more attack power, defense, or range depending on what unit type they are. Getting these bought early can give you victory as early as the Spartan or Egyptian age if you play aggressively.

Unlike the previous entry, your opponent will have no qualms about using his own special attack to obliterate your soldiers as he amasses himself an army. The gameplay is faster, more hectic, and better than ever before. Take up arms and your role as the eternal ruler of your tribe/kingdom/country/faction/ and crush your enemies under your iron heel, sending them straight to Hell before they are even able to research a shaduf.